Getting her just desserts

Neapolitan ice cream, chocolate syrup, nuts, whipped cream, marshmallows and cherries are all necessary for an ice cream sundae, but at Circle View Elementary School, the ingredients weren't for eating.

Sitting in a small blow-up pool in a yellow plastic poncho, blue shower cap and matching goggles and snorkel, Principal Kathleen Jaquin stood still as students drizzled, sprinkled and plopped the ingredients all over her.

Students had a chance to turn their principal into a human sundae as a reward for being the top fundraising students in each grade. The students brought in almost $10,000 May 26 at a Parent Teacher Organization fundraising Read-a-Thon.

The funds go to the PTO, which helps the school with a music teacher, school supplies, new technology and field trips. The PTO used to help the school pay for optional programs and services, but due to budget cuts, it now has to cover essentials.

"With the state budget crisis, it's becoming critical," said Debbie Cotton, the Read-a-Thon chairwoman.

The Read-a-Thon took the place of the jog-a-thon this year — something the PTO decided to try, Cotton said.

"We wanted an event that promotes reading as fun," Jaquin said.

The new event went over well with 10-year-old Matthew Karnowski.

Students had special opportunities depending on how much they fundraised to dress up in pajamas, read on stage, eat free popcorn and bring their grandparents, Cotton said.

Matthew said he could have read in his pajamas and brought a sleeping bag, but he forgot. He did get to build a fort and eat popcorn while reading 10 books, he said.

"I would definitely want to do it again," Matthew said.

Watching his principal get turned into a dessert was also a highlight, something the students haven't done before, he said. Next year, Matthew said he will fundraise more to earn enough to be one of the top students to dessert the principal.

"I think that's really nice [of her]," he said. "She's probably the best principal ever."

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