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Mailbag: This Relay is a life-saver

Thank you for having me and my granddaughter, Monique, on the front page of your May 20 edition (“One lap, one mile, one day”). My name is Kim Roberson and our team was “The Coke-A-Nuts.” On Easter morning 2007, I lost my daughter, Sandi, to lung cancer after a battle of 15 months. My daughter would walk or run for every cause during her lifetime, therefore, we thought it fitting to start a team in her memory.

This is our third year doing Relay for Life, and our entire family is involved from Santa Ana, Anaheim, Oceanside, Rancho Cucamonga and Tacoma, Wash. It has been a healing experience and we have met some awesome people. I was also diagnosed with breast cancer last year, but it was caught so early that all I needed was radiation and a positive attitude. If I would have known about Relay for Life and all the programs for cancer patients that are available, it would have made my caretaking experience with my daughter easier and less stressful.

Relay for Life is a real blessing, and I encourage everyone who has not been involved to do so. It not only helps those who have cancer, but it helps their families realize that they are not alone and that as long as there is hope, there will be miracles.

Kim Roberson


Santa Ana

Further your environmental goals

I just read your article in the Independent regarding the new glass bottles (“Glass bottles coming soon,” City Lights, July 1). I have one and I love it!

I, too, try very hard to make improvements to my environmental footprint. A couple of years ago, I made some shopping bags to replace using plastic bags, and now it is a small business that is catching on, and my one-woman shop is expanding. I would love to send you a set to replace your IKEA bag, I think you will like them.


DeAnna Reposa

Newport Beach

Thanks for less Lohan, more Marines

Thank you for posting the wonderful piece on our care package packing party (“Sending hearts to Marines,” July 8). The 3rd Battalion, 1st Marines who are supported by the Huntington Beach community are staples in the military service for our country in past and present conflicts. Our freedoms here are thanks to the sacrifices of guys like these and other servicemen. People should be reading about what’s going on with them, about them and for them instead of the stories of the Lindsay Lohans and the like. Thank you for your support.

Barbara Pimental

Huntington Beach