Commission votes against zoning changes

NEWPORT BEACH — Planning commissioners did not approve an updated citywide zoning code Thursday night, a move that capped an extensive two-year review process with discord and confusion.

Three of the commissioners voted in favor of the draft; the remaining four opposed it for various reasons.

The most controversial provision would limit how large someone can build a home and, through a complicated numerical formula, determine how the front of that home must look.

"I think we missed an opportunity to be creative," said Commissioner Brad Hillgren, who voted no.

The City Council now has the option to appeal the commission's denial of the draft zoning ordinance. This would give the council the opportunity to make changes and approve it.

The update would create new restrictions on the size and configurations of future homes, allow for mixed-use developments, and institute parking, landscaping and noise standards, among other changes.

When the City Council considers the measures, most likely in September, residents will have a chance to voice their concerns.

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