Recovery center agrees with judge in Lohan's case

A Newport Beach recovery center that was expected to treat actress Lindsay Lohan upon her release from jail Tuesday issued a statement that it agrees with a decision by a Beverly Hills judge's to send the actress to UCLA for treatment instead.

Lohan, 24, was expected to attend a Costa Mesa recovery home owned by Newport Beach-based Morningside Recovery after being released from a Los Angeles County women's jail in Lynwood. She was instead taken to UCLA Medical Center in Westwood.

"Morningside Recovery supports Judge Marsha Revel's decision to follow the advice of the court-appointed psychiatrists assigned to Ms. Lohan's case, and agree with the need to place clients in the appropriate level of care," Morningside spokeswoman Eileen Koch said in e-mail to the Daily Pilot. "In some cases, a higher level of containment provided by only a hospital institution, such as UCLA, is beneficial before implementing Morningside Recovery's multi-disciplinary clinical programs in our residential and extended care treatment.

"We hope, as we do with all those in treatment, that this decision for Ms. Lohan's welfare provides her a continuum of care that supports sustainable recovery."

Lohan was freed from the Century Regional Detention Facility in Lynwood at 1:35 a.m. Monday after serving 14 days of a 90-day sentence for violating her probation in a 2007 drug case, a sheriff's spokesman said.

She was then required to directly enter rehab for three months. The actress was ordered to receive treatment at UCLA.

Revel apparently had a change of heart after first picking Morningside against the wishes of two court-appointed psychiatrists and medical professionals.

Lohan's attorney Shawn Chapman Holley visited her at the Lynwood jail Friday. She said Lohan was doing fine and was looking forward to her release.

According to prosecutors, the actress will have to spend the entire time in rehab.

Daily Pilot Staff Writer Joseph Serna and KTLA-5 compiled this report.

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