Ronald Zell

Name: Ronald Zell

Age: No answer

Birthplace: no Answer

Residence: no Answer

Occupation:  I retired in 2003 and am working for Dril-Quip part-time representing them in California, Canada and Alaska. 

Education: bachelor’s degree in math from UCLA, master’s degree from in secondary education Cal State Los Angeles and a master;s degree from Cal State Fullerton with a specialty in math education

Experience as an educator: I have 25 years’ teaching and administrative experience in public education, the last eight years in Westminster as an elementary school principal.

Previously elected or appointed positions: no answer

Community organizations you belong to: no answer

Why should constituents vote for you?

I have periodically substituted as a principal and teacher in Westminster and have voluntarily read to elementary schools. Therefore, I have kept close contact with the district and am knowledgeable about the programs in place and issues they have had to face.  I believe my background and experience with the district provides me with a good understanding of the operation of the district and the ability to deal with problems as they arise.

What do you think is the biggest problem facing your district and how do you plan to address it?

No answer

In the last year, what is one issue that you think the sitting board members handled well and why?

The current board has done a commendable job of maintaining fiscal responsibility during some major budget cuts  by the state and at the same time made every effort to continue providing a quality educational program. 

In the last year, what is one issue the board got wrong and what would you have done differently?

I think the board needs to give more focus on maintaining reasonable class sizes and all school boards across the state need to collectively do a better job of pressuring the politicians in Sacramento to give education of our kids the priority it deserves.

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