Ferrari issues recall on Italia models

Ferrari is recalling 1,248 of its Italia models after fires broke out in several of the luxury vehicles, including one in Southern California. The first wreck and fire in the United States was reported Aug. 18 in Costa Mesa.

The Italian carmaker said that an adhesive is likely the cause of the fires, which can melt due to overheating and ignite flames.

The Ferrari Italia supercars sell for $253,000 and can go from zero to 60 mph in just over three seconds, according to car enthusiasts.

Consumers have been saying for weeks that the supercars are "cursed," but carmakers have treated the fires as "isolated incidents" until now.

Ferrari says there have been five reports of fires breaking out in the cars, including incidents in California, Switzerland, China and France.

According to, there have been nine accidents in the last three months.

Ferrari spokesman Stefano Lai said the company is asking the owners of 1,248 cars produced before July 2010 to bring them in to have the glue replaced with mechanical fasteners.

The address for the local Ferrari dealership, Ferrari of Newport Beach, is 1000 W. Coast Hwy. The business's main phone number is (949) 646-6900.

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