5,335 adults booked into jail last year

The Huntington Beach Police Department booked 5,335 adults into jail last year, 76% of them men, according to a report.

The Police Department released its annual jail statistics for July 1, 2009, to June 30, 2010, for adults booked into the Huntington Beach Jail.

The department booked 4,056 men, of which 1,331 were felonies and 2,275 misdemeanors, and 1,279 women, of which 371 felonies and 908 misdemeanors.

About 32% of the arrestees booked into the Huntington Beach Jail are on suspicion of a felony offense, while 68% are on suspicion of a misdemeanor offense.

The statistics don't reflect contract bookings for other agencies, minors, misdemeanor citations done in the field or sentenced inmate workers, according to the statistics.

Britney Barnes

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