Blogging classmates' fashion

CORONA DEL MAR — A varsity soccer player in her freshman year at Corona del Mar High School, Kirsten Morehouse can now add paid Nordstrom fashion blogger to her resume.

The 14-year-old is no stranger to the Web. She started a fashion blog at 13 with friend Nina Nelson called InBTeen, for young adults who feel in between teen and adult fashions. The pair wrote age-appropriate online style guides on trends.

When she started high school this year, she was at Nordstrom with her mother and noticed a board in the dressing room of the juniors department, Brass Plum. It was decorated with snapshots of high schoolers on the BP "Fashion Board."

When the Fashion Island store reopened, Morehouse wanted to be a part of it.

"We have a challenge every month so our first challenge was to apply for the blogger position," she said. "There was a big application. We had to write about ourselves and make a blog."

Out of all the girls nationwide who applied, Morehouse was chosen as one of the five BP fashion board bloggers. She has been blogging twice a week since October, often posting pictures of herself in her stylish looks of choice.

An avid magazine reader, Morehouse in November was featured in a story in Seventeen, which asked for select members of BP's fashion board to style a shirt their own way.

"All my friends went crazy when they saw it," she said.

Every Monday and Wednesday, Morehouse posts on the website, pulling from everywhere — from magazines to friends — for inspiration.

"I have a journal of topics I want to cover and things my friends are asking about," she said. "I just talk about the different trends that I see at my school and how real people can wear them."

Since she started, classmates have shown interest, sometimes consulting her for her opinion.

"They'll ask me 'What do you think of my outfit?'" she said. "They kind of see me as someone to look up to and ask me for advice."

What trends does she see in CdM?

"I see a lot of military — military jackets, olive, leather jackets and combat boots," she said.

The blogger is proud of her classmates and believes that they have a fun approach to style that sets them apart from different communities.

"I think they're a lot more adventurous," she said. "A lot of the girls at my school have really good style."

She is also happy to have the support of her girlfriends, who read her posts daily and are always coming up with ideas for her.

"They love making outfits and staying on top of trends," she said. "It's cool they take time out of their busy weeks to read it every day."

With a paid gig at 14 years old, Morehouse could say she's starting a career in fashion.

"My dream job would be to be the editor of Elle, Marie Claire or Vogue," she said.

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