Solar panel construction continuing

A week after a heated meeting in which the Huntington Beach City School District Board of Trustees reaffirmed its vote for solar panels in front of Dwyer Middle School, the project was continuing as planned.

Supt. Kathy Kessler said the project could be done as early as March. The official time frame for the project was three months, she said, but she doubted it would take that long. She noted, though, that weather could be a factor.

"As you know, with construction, there's lots of things that can happen," she said.

By the time the board convened for a special meeting Jan. 11, the district had already put fencing around the planned solar panel area on Dwyer's lawn and ordered materials. Trustee Brian Rechsteiner called for the meeting in hopes of postponing construction for 30 days so the community could seek ways of funding a new location for the panels, but the board ended up voting 4 to 1 to keep the status quo.

Michael Miller

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