City to post listing of disbanded agency's contracts, agreements

The Huntington Beach City Council voted Tuesday to submit a listing of legally binding agreements or contracts that the city's disbanded redevelopment agency had given to the County Auditor-Controller and the state finance department for a review.

The listing will be posted on the city's website.

The process is part of the winding-down actions since the state Supreme Court declared the state's redevelopment agencies unconstitutional in December.

It's not clear at this time whether the city will get back the money owed to it by the redevelopment agency, said Finance Director Lori Ann Farrell.

The listing will show the obligations to the city.

The disbanded redevelopment agency owes the city about $80 million from previous projects. Not getting the money back would impact the general budget by about $4.9 million a year.

Redevelopment agencies allowed local governments to partner with developers to revitalize blighted neighborhoods. They used property taxes to pay for the developments.

Cities reaped the benefits by getting higher property taxes when these developed areas began generating revenue.


Road improvements

In other news, the City Council is working on selecting community members to form a Blue Ribbon Committee to come up with recommendations on how to improve and maintain city streets.

Each council member is expected to recommend one person to be on the committee, in addition to a few others who will assist in the process once the committee is formed.

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