After about $6,500, Reagan statue reinstalled

In time for what would have been Ronald Reagan's 101st birthday on Monday, Newport Beach city workers last week reinstalled the former president's statue in Bonita Canyon Sports Park.

The life-size bronze piece, which commemorates his centennial birthday, was damaged in November after someone apparently tried to pull it off its base.

The installation is now monitored by a security camera.

City spokeswoman Tara Finnigan said it cost about $6,500 to repair the bent bronze base and to cement it back into place. In November, some had suggested that private donors foot the repair bill, but the city decided to cover the cost.

The statue, designed by Balboa Island resident Miriam Baker, was paid for with private funds but installed in a public park.

A witness saw a man in a pickup truck pulling at the statue, which had a chain or rope looped around it. Police offered an award for information leading to the arrest of a suspect, but no arrests have been made.

Officials speculated that the vandal could have been looking to sell the bronze, while others opined that the toppling was politically motivated.

—Mike Reicher

Twitter: @mreicher

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