Philip E. Arnold

Philip E. Arnold 1922-2002
My Dear Husband Phil,
Ten years have passed since you died on June 3, 2002. Unfortunately, at that time none of our family members, including myself could find whatever it takes to compose a notice befitting you. We’re still reaching for the high marks you so deserve. My darling, you are missed in every conceivable way. I, as your wife long for your presence, warmth, strength, comfort and loving ways.
Few people outside our family are aware of your many accomplishments: You graduated from the University of Wisconsin with an Engineering Degree and earned military awards in WWII as an officer in the U.S. Army. You earned the respect of many generations by inventing the outdoor gas grill (barbecue), which led to your being the successful founder of the preeminent AEI Corporation. Lastly, Santa Ana Country Club will always remember Philip E. Arnold as the “Most Winning Tournament Golfer” of your time!

Sadly, your first wife, Libby, died while your four children were just teenagers and you played the roles of mother and father and guided your precious brood into becoming caring, loving, magnificent human beings. Bruce, Pete, Betsy, and David have been blessed with your phenomenal genes, as have their children and their children’s children.
Now, ten years from the time you last honored us with your presence, we, your loving family, finally honor you with this notice so that others may join us in celebrating the most significant and impressive person in our lives!                             Your loving family

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