UFO sightings reported in Laguna Beach

A few sky-gazers say that UFOs may have entered the nighttime sky near Laguna Beach on Thursday night.

According to the website UFO Stalker, a few people reported seeing "glowing red lights" at about 9 p.m.

A person reported that they were on the outside deck of their North Laguna Beach home when they noticed six or seven "bright, glowing red lights in the sky." The lights apparently moved side to side as they moved forward, which the reporting person found unusual. They noted the incident lasted about three to four minutes.

Amoung the commenters was a man who identified himself as Danny and said he works at Katsuya.

"I saw the same sighting from work," Danny said. "I work at Katsuya in Laguna Beach and I was taking a quick break outside with (a) few cooks and we saw those lights in the sky glowing red for 45 seconds... This is my first sighting. Now I'm a believer."

Another commenter named Joe posted a YouTube video, which he says shows the lights and was taken from Broadway facing south.

Click [here] to view the video.

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