Irvine company gets defense contract

Irvine-based defense contractor Iris Technology will provide the U.S. Marine Corps with $7.8 million worth of solar power adapters — 1,563 to be exact.

Known as Generation II, or SPA II, this is one of the company's mobile, solar-powered products geared for remote environments and strategic use.

"The StarPower controller at the heart of SPA II receives power from ... solar panels, a variety of batteries or vehicles," a news release says. And users can generate power to equipment, including portable backpack kits and combat outpost electronics suites, officials said.

"We have made major technological advancements in solar harvesting, battery charging and power management in this next generation StarPower controller," Iris Technology Chief Technology Officer Carl Kirkconnell wrote in a news release. "Marines will be able to carry fewer batteries for the same missions, increasing their mobility [and] effectiveness and ultimately keeping them safer in the fight. We are honored to be able to bring this mission-critical capability to the U.S. Marine Corps."

— Rhea Mahbubani

Twitter: @RMahbubani

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