Water conservation challenge in full swing

Mayor Kelly Boyd announced his pledge to conserve water at the April 9 City Council meeting and urged residents to help Laguna successfully defend its title as a Most Water-Wise City.

The month-long National Mayor's Challenge for Water Conservation ends April 30. Laguna Beach was in second place as of last week, behind Hermosa Beach in pledges to follow a series of efficiency measures for their home, yard and automobile. Pledges may be made by logging into http://www.mywaterpledge.com.

"Get your pledges in or we'll be hearing from Jane," Boyd said.

Former Councilwoman Jane Egly was mayor for the inaugural challenge and was vigilant in reminding residents of the important of using water efficiently.

The challenge is sponsored by the Wyland Foundation to promote water conservation and awareness of the positive effect reductions have on our environment, from the energy we use to the food we grow, package, eat and sell, according to a Laguna Beach County Water District press release.

Nearly 20% of all energy consumption in the state of California goes toward moving, cleaning and heating water. Water use efficiency has enormous benefits to local economies, the environment and the global climate, district officials said.

Folks in cities across the nation are encouraged to participate in local online pledges to save energy, reduce landfill waste, and encourage overall conservation by reducing their "water footprint."

Reductions could include washing only full loads of laundry, fixing leaky faucets, watering lawns before 8 a.m., keeping cars tuned or walking or biking short distances.

Cities compete in four regions: West, Midwest, South and Northeast and according to population categories of 5,000 to 30,000 residents; 30,001 to 100,000 residents and 100,000-plus residents.

The cities with the highest percentage of residents taking the pledge win. Participants in winning cities can qualify for prizes, including a Toyota Prius Hybrid, home water makeover kits, and other rewards.


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