Newport Beach man accused in string of burglaries is back in custody, suspected of violating terms of release with trips to casinos and Coachella

Quinn Kasbar was taken into custody on suspicion of breaching terms of his release. Bail was raised to $2 million, his lawyer said.
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A Newport Beach man charged in a string of residential burglaries is back in custody on suspicion of violating terms of his release, including overnight visits to Southern California casinos and a weekend trip to the Coachella music festival, court documents show.

Aquinas “Quinn” Kasbar, 19, was remanded Wednesday and his bail was raised to $2 million, according to his lawyer Brian Gurwitz. He is being held at Orange County Jail and is scheduled to appear in court June 25.

Kasbar is facing 29 felony and three misdemeanor counts in the burglaries case and has pleaded not guilty. He had been free on $560,000 bond.

In a motion to revoke bail filed in court Friday, the Orange County district attorney’s office called Kasbar a “flight risk.”

Kasbar “has routinely thumbed his nose at this court and its orders regarding his bail conditions” and “has no intention of following the court’s orders,” prosecutors wrote in the motion.

Authorities allege Kasbar violated conditions of his release including a curfew between 9 p.m. and 6 a.m. and a prohibition on being anywhere on Balboa Island other than his family residence on Abalone Avenue. The burglaries occurred on Balboa Island and in Corona del Mar.

On May 28, a Newport Beach police detective wrote a search warrant to review the monitoring information in Kasbar’s GPS ankle monitor, according to court documents.

Records indicate Kasbar violated his curfew at least 12 times, including five overnight trips to casinos in Riverside and San Diego counties and a trip to the music festival in April, according to court documents.

In another case, Kasbar agreed to plead guilty last month to a federal charge in connection with a lemur stolen from the Santa Ana Zoo last summer and found abandoned at a Newport Beach hotel.

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