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Peaceful rifts

Suzie Harrison

The club was thumping last night as Laguna’s Sir Adamsmasher, also

know as KatoSpace, was throwing down a high-energy performance complete

with all the toppings of premium octane music -- serving it up in a


funky, eclectic, electronic platter of delicious tracks.

Kato was giving out amplitude o’ plenty at his pre-launch for Velcro

Percolator -- a new monthly exploration in lo and hi fi audio and visual

frontiers described as a convergence of glitch, electroclash, synth punk,


acoustic jazz house, lounge and new discoveries at Costa Mesa’s Detroit

Bar, which he’ll also create in Laguna.

Yep, Kato is bringing home to Orange County the combined experience

that he started here and further perfected in the world-renowned San

Francisco scene.

Also on hand last night was DJ/producer of global status, Gavin

Hardkiss, who performed as Hawke with Sir Adamsmasher to promote the

Hawke release Heatstroke. The 11-song mix has been hitting the clubs


nationally and will invade the international market later this month.

Hawke has been an integral part of the electronic dance music scene

globally for more than 10 years.

“Sir Adamsmasher is my galaxy twin star,” Kato said. “Basically I

believe there is another planet similar to earth and that we have twins

or soul twins. I call it a galaxy twin star.”

Kato explained that he has been channeling a lot of music, which he

would hear in his head through Sir Adamsmasher because they share a


creative collective conscious.

Sir Adamsmasher is featured on Hardkiss’s newest release from

Sunburn/Six Degrees Records and the “Party People (We’re Gonna Change the

World)” has been on the top 40 Billboard Club Play for more than four

weeks. The song is an eminent front, with the premise of changing the

world via electronic music style and connecting people through dance and


The lyrics call for peaceful unity:

“This is the birth of the new revolution and this is the dawn of the

next generation -- party people are gonna change the world.

“We come in peace. We bring love and music -- not war and violence...

come together.

“You get together and rise up... rise up... rise up... party people

come together to change the world.”

Last Fourth of July, Sir Adamsmasher inspired a collective of 20 DJ’s

from around the country to spin this message of peace and positivism

simultaneously, resulting in tens of thousands of people hearing the

song’s message that day.

Also on Heatstroke is Sir Adamsmasher’s “Starfish Waitress,” his

surrealistic opus of sexy women in his life.

“Dreamy moments, recognizing the little things in life the good and

the bad and the anger and the happiness,” he said, explaining the song.

“Letting go of things I held in. You can’t know the light without the

dark, everything will be OK.”

Sir Adamsmasher’s Velcro Percolator is just one of the many events

started by Kato’s Huebing Embassy -- a network from Orange County to Los

Angeles in which artists, media and business people work together with

Urban Decay and o7 wantmymusic.comf7 .

Kato’s roots are entrenched in the club scene and have been

responsible for the well-known Club Post Nuclear, which started in Laguna

in the early 1980s.

Kato said he began with his Mickey Mouse record player when he was 2.

“My parents were always throwing huge parties with DJ’s and not bands

-- that was the kind of music I grew up on, the disco influence,” Kato


Through his years and the plethora of parties he has promoted, Kato

has seen the scene transform from disco into house and techno.

After moving to San Francisco he worked with Claxton Long and they

launched the now famous weekly Together parties, given legendary status

in the Dubtribe Sound system track “We Used to Dance,” featured on the

Mark Farina Imperial Dub Recordings Mix.

He has also worked with Solstice, Om Records, Ubiquity Records,

Wicked, Naked Music, Cyber Lab 7, among others.

“Velcro Percolator project is a monthly event similar to the San

Francisco parties with that same vibe,” Kato said.


For more information about Huebing Embassy and Velcro Percolator at

Detroit Bar, contact Chris Fahey at 650-7221. For more info about

Heatstroke go online to o7 www.sixdegreesrecords.comf7 .