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On to royal jewelry

Laguna Beach’s “mean girls” are now using their so-called fierceness to fuel a jewelry line.

The former stars of MTV’s “Laguna Beach (Season 3),” Cameron “Cami” Edwards and Kyndra Mayo, recently graduated from best buds to business partners when they launched “Like Beau,” a collection of sterling silver and gold-dipped cuffs, rings and pendants.

Edwards said the “vintage” lion’s head, cross and horseshoe designs adorning double-chained necklaces, cuffs and signet rings, are inspired by bijoux worn by English Royalty and the French Regalia.

“Our pieces, as unique and timeless as our predecessors who designed for queens and kings, are created to make women feel elegant and elevated,” she said. “We’ve taken inspiration from this time period and [updated] it with modern trends.”


The pair has even included a double-finger ring, au courant with today’s styles, to lend a fresh element to their “old-fashioned” collection.

They are currently working to incorporate Onyx designs, as well as add an assortment of earrings and men’s rings.

“We’ve had a lot of men compliment the [masculine-looking] rings for women, so we’ve decided to meet their needs as well,” Mayo said.

Edwards and Mayo, who seem to personify anything but the less-than-lovely images MTV created for them in the 2006 season of “Laguna Beach,” said they’ve spent their time since the show aired hitting the books and “repairing their names.”


Edwards, a business major at Pepperdine University in Malibu, and Mayo, who attends the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles, said their passion for fashion and friendship compelled them to embark on the business venture.

“Kyndra and I have wanted to start a business together since the show [wrapped]” Edwards said, “and I, while working for an [upscale] jewelry company, began developing ideas for my own designs.”

Both girls have been featured in an array of celebrity fashion magazines including Life & Style, Entertainment Weekly and People Magazine, which has exposed them to the world of fashion and accessories beyond Laguna Beach.

The current 12-piece line ranges from $80 to $190, and can be purchased at Black Flamingo and Elle H. Boutique, as well as at