Dog Blog: Where is Boo? Any help is appreciated

Boo is missing, and the family is devastated.

A family pet can affect your life. Boo actually saved his family.

While at Lake Edison the Palmer family of Laguna Beach went canoeing. The canoe tipped over.

Boo headed for the youngest child first — the first of his rescue efforts. He got her to shore, went back out for the Papa who was drowning (pays to show up for those swimming lessons,) and he made sure the whole family was safe.


You may ask what Boo was doing on the canoe. Papa Palmer decided that Boo had four appendages to paddle with, and they only had two paddles and only one paddler, Sam, thus he was recruited. Boo did not know that he had also applied to be a paramedic.

Boo is a shepherd; he has red, brown and tan hair, and loves to sleep in the bath tub. So, if you see a big pooch in the tub, it might be Boo.

Boo’s family consist of four — two girls and a mamma and a papa. Boo came upon his name due to the fact that the girls were very little at the time of his acquisition, six years ago.

They watched Boo Bear, the cartoon on TV, and the girls helped in acquiring and naming him.


Boo never left home unless with his papa. We do not understand why Boo is gone. We all become so attached to our doggies and kitties they become part of our family.

To lose part of our family is a great loss; Sam Palmer does a lot of cement work, and Boo was always on the job.

Boo is also a great child sitter; he made sure that piano practices were completed, no boys were in the house, kids home from school on time and that mom picked up everything at the grocery store — checking first for the dog food.

Sam and the girls and his wife would like to have Boo home! Any help you can lend would be more than appreciated.

PEGI LOPEZ lives in Laguna Beach.