Woman arrested on suspicion of stealing credit card

An Anaheim woman is out on bail after being arrested earlier this week on suspicion of stealing an Irvine woman's credit card and buying designer handbags.

Judy Nguyen, 28, was booked on suspicion of identity theft and grand theft and unauthorized use of a credit card Tuesday after police found her waiting outside an Irvine woman's home, allegedly to pick up an item she had illegally ordered online.

Police said her victim didn't know her card had been compromised until the credit card company called her telling her that a purchase for a $2,700 Louis Vuitton bag was rejected.

Irvine detectives tracked the history of the credit card and concluded that Nguyen had used the card at least twice before, ordering items and having them sent to the victim's home where she would pick them up before the woman would notice.

Police arrested Nguyen after they watched a delivery truck drop off one of those purchases to the victim's home and saw her go pick it up and leave.

A search of her home turned up more than $6,000 worth of high-end designer shoes and handbags. Police believe there are other victims and that Nguyen was selling the property online.

Anyone who believes they've been a victim is urged to call Det. Brian Smith at (949) 724-7267.

Nguyen has yet to be charged and was released on bail Wednesday.

— Joseph Serna

Twitter: @JosephSerna

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