Storage company bans glue trap at PETA's request

A Newport Beach-based storage company has banned glue traps after People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals objected to their use.

US Storage Center's owner, Westport Properties, has discontinued the use of glue traps in its self-storage facilities across California and eight other states, according to a news release.

"PETA contacted us directly to educate us on the cruelty of the glue traps that are being used by pest control companies," Westport Properties Operations Vice President Mike Brad said. "PETA asked us to join their mission to end the use of glue traps, and we were happy to join the initiative."

According to the release, PETA explained that small animals panic when they get stuck in the glue and try to wriggle free. They can break bones and lose fur or feathers in the process and might even chew their limbs off to get free.

Other storage facilities that ban the traps include Uncle Bob's Self Storage and Extra Storage Space, according to the release.

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— Chasen Doerr

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