'Costa Mesa Minute' hits milestone

Costa Mesa's official daily newscast celebrated its 500th show Monday.

With a snap of his fingers, "Costa Mesa Minute" host Dane Bora transformed his usual backdrop, the Segerstrom Center for the Arts, into a multicolored assortment of balloons and confetti.

"Believe it or not, today's show is our 500th episode of the 'Costa Mesa Minute,'" Bora told viewers. "That's right: 500 shows in the can. Not too shabby, if I say so myself."

The show began in September 2011 as a means of publicizing city events and other local stories. It airs Monday through Friday.

Bora, Costa Mesa's video production coordinator, and Brad Long, video production specialist, are the mainstays of the show, which, despite its name, has an average running time of two to three minutes.

Bora said the episodes are usually finished the day before they run, then put online by 7 a.m. on the air date. He added that viewing numbers have grown over time, "but we'd still like to see them continue to grow."

Monday's episode featured a highlight reel that shows Bora as "Snoopy Bora" in front of the Christmastime Snoopy House display at City Hall, in Civil War garb before the annual Battle of Costa Mesa, and alongside Frank Albers and Mayor Pro Tem Steve Mensinger for a high school football segment. Costa Mesa's Olympians, including volleyball player Misty May-Treanor, were also featured on the reel.

When asked about his favorite episodes, Bora said any of the guest appearances were among them, as well as the time he wore the Snoopy costume.

"Being out in front of City Hall, trying to do it with the Snoopy head on, definitely stands out," he said.

The "Costa Mesa Minute" is available on Time Warner Cable's Channel 3; the city's website, http://www.costamesaca.gov; on Facebook; and through the city's YouTube channel. A special "City Council edition" also plays at the beginning of council meetings.

"So we've now got 500 shows behind us," Bora said toward the end of Monday's segment. "I'm hopeful as we move forward that we can get this community more involved in the show. ... Remember, if it happens in Costa Mesa, it's news to us."

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