Liquor store attacker gets prison term

The Costa Mesa woman who attacked a liquor store clerk after being denied a bottle of beer pleaded guilty to felony assault with a deadly weapon and other misdemeanor charges last week.

An Orange County Superior Court judge on Aug. 29 sentenced Teresa Aguayo, 47, to two years in state prison and time she'd already served in a county jail.

Aguayo had been in county jail after she attempted to strangle an employee of California Stop Market at 600 W. 19th St. in Costa Mesa last year.

In April 2012, Aguayo tried to buy a single bottle of beer, but the clerk turned her away, saying the store only sold six-packs.

When Aguayo again tried to buy the single beer and was denied, she began throwing small items at the female employee and scratching at her face.

When the employee pulled out a bat, Aguayo punched the clerk, wrapped a blanket around her neck, began choking her, and poured bug spray and a solvent in her face and down her throat.

Police arrested Aguayo immediately after the incident, officials said at the time.

The most serious charge against Aguayo, attempted murder with a sentencing enhancement for using a dangerous or deadly weapon, was dropped when she pleaded guilty.

In addition to assault with a deadly weapon, she pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor count of resisting arrest and two misdemeanor counts of battery on a police officer or emergency personnel.

She was released from an Orange County jail on the day of her sentencing, having already spent more than a year in lockup in lieu of $500,000 bail.

In addition to prison time, Aguayo was ordered to pay restitution, according to court records.

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