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With healthcare looming as a significant issue in the 2020 presidential election, Orange County residents can at least be confident that one of their premiere health providers is ranked in the Top 10 by U.S.
Vanguard University, Costa Mesa, has taken on a mission to eradicate a global crisis that has plagued humanity for thousands of years.
What is happening is killing all of us, in a way. We are becoming afraid — afraid to go to the movies, the fair, the park, the grocery store, the local club and, so tragically, school.
If old warriors could find a path to peace at Camp David in 1978, then surely today’s firearm antagonists can find ways to curb gun violence now, a Laguna Beach resident writes.
Our classic views about summer have become tainted by our obsession with going fast. An entire season devoted to a slower pace is now considered by many parents to be a luxury that their kids can’t afford.
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