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The administration has taken few steps to help people gain coverage after massive job losses caused millions to lose their plans amid the coronavirus.

The administration drops a rule that would have made international students transfer schools or leave the U.S. if their college classes were online.

The Great American Outdoors Act would provide billions of dollars to buy land and care for national parks after years of budget cuts and delayed maintenance.

Joe Biden’s plan for rebuilding the economy hinges heavily on clean-energy investment and would rapidly reverse the Trump era’s retreat on climate.

As Texas tries to contain a raging coronavirus outbreak, voters go to the polls for runoff elections that could see a Black nominee for U.S. senator.

Politics and the Pandemic

The White House is working to undercut its most trusted coronavirus expert as President Trump continues to play down the threat posed by the virus and pushes to reopen the economy before the election.


Immanuel Jarvis, GOP chair in Durham, N.C., sees President Trump as a friend of Black Americans and the media as an enemy.

Democratic Senate candidates in several key races announce huge fundraising totals that raise the party’s hopes of retaking the chamber in November.

With COVID-19 cases rising in red states, Republican officials are caught between taking a hard line to tamp down the outbreak or staying consistent with Trump.

Joe Biden’s surge in fundraising comes amid dismal poll ratings for President Trump.

Joe Biden is coy about his vice president list, but his consideration of women of color is a milestone. Experts say it shows progress and the need for more representation.

Unlike the initial wave of the pandemic, the current surge is hitting red states hard. Joe Biden’s charge that it’s Trump’s fault is resonating.


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