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Best COVID-19 Travel Insurance Plans for 2024

These plans cover COVID-19 as any other illness & reimburse you for COVID cancellations.
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Key Takeaways
  • Reports from the CDC show an increase in cases of COVID within the US and a spike in hospitalizations during the start of 2024. This makes COVID travel insurance all the more important as you plan your vacations for the new year.
  • Our findings show that the best COVID travel insurance plans come from Tin Leg, Travelex, Generali & Seven Corners (skip ahead to view these plans).
  • While almost all travel insurance companies now include coverage for COVID-19, not all plans are created equal.
  • Some insurance providers offer more coverage for COVID-related illnesses and higher expense limits than others.
  • The best COVID-19 travel insurance plans treat coronavirus-related illnesses the same as any other medical condition covered under the policy.
  • To find the best COVID travel insurance plan for you, we recommend using a comparison tool. We also cover our top picks for the best travel insurance policies for COVID below.

It seemed like COVID was starting to become a thing of the past until the new variant Eris, known technically as EG.5, started to appear in greater numbers last Summer.

According to Yale Medicine, the new COVID variant Eris is “more transmissible or severe than previous Omicron sub-variants.

Data from the CDC shows the Eris variant accounted for more than 20.6% of new COVID cases in the U.S. by the end of August last year.

Similarly, a risk Evaluation from August 9, 2023, published by the CDC stated:
“Based on its genetic features, immune escape characteristics, and growth rate estimates, EG.5 may spread globally and contribute to a surge in case incidence.”

The new year brings with it another subvariant, JN.1. The CDC reports that the JN.1 subvariant, is responsible for an estimated 3.5% of U.S. cases.

With this in mind, it’s important to ensure you and your trip are covered for COVID in case future travel is affected.

We compared some of the top policies for travel insurance with COVID coverage on the market today to identify plans with the most robust coverage and benefits.

Here are our recommendations for the best COVID-19 travel coverage for 2024:

Compare the best COVID-19 travel insurance plans

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Plan Name
Customer Satisfaction Rating
Medical / Medevac Limits
Cancellation / Interruption Limits
View Pricing
$50,000 / $500,000
100% trip cost / 150% trip cost
GET A QUOTE via Squaremouth’s secure website
$500,000 / $1,000,000
100% trip cost / 150% trip cost
GET A QUOTE via Squaremouth’s secure website
$500,000 / $500,000
100% trip cost / 150% trip cost
GET A QUOTE via Squaremouth’s secure website
$250,000 / $1,000,000
100% trip cost / 175% trip cost
GET A QUOTE via Squaremouth’s secure website
$100,000 / $500,000
100% trip cost / 150% trip cost
GET A QUOTE via the Faye website

Our picks for the best COVID travel insurance of 2024

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Best COVID Coverage for Families & Adventure Travel

Travelex Insurance Services

GET A QUOTE via Squaremouth’s secure website
Preferred Plan
Travel Select
Covers COVID
Medical & Evacuation Limits Per Person
$50,000 / $500,000
Why We Like It

Editor's take

Travelex is another great company offering robust travel insurance plans.

What sets this provider apart is that it offers travel insurance coverage specialized or families where children ages 17 and under are covered for free with certain plans. This is a huge benefit for families on a budget.

Travelex also treats coronavirus as any other illness, meaning you are likely covered if you or a traveling companion tests positive for COVID before or during your trip. We recommend the Travel Select plan from Travelex for families or other traveling groups who want excellent coverage for COVID. This plan automatically includes children ages 17 and under listed alongside adults on the policy, and it comes with up to $50,000 in coverage for emergency medical expenses with no deductible and a 15-day pre-existing condition exclusion waiver.

If you are taking an adventure trip, it also covers things like: Climbing, Hiking, Mountain Biking, Rafting, Scuba Diving, Snorkeling, Swimming, etc.

Other important benefits include trip cancellation coverage worth up to 100% of the trip cost, trip interruption coverage worth up to 150% of the prepaid trip cost, trip delay coverage worth up to $2,000, $750 in coverage for missed connections, up to $500,000 in protection for emergency medical evacuation, and a baggage insurance plan.


  • Plans can be customized with upgrades
  • Children 17 and under included for free with some plans
  • Coverage for pre-existing medical conditions available
  • CFAR coverage is available as an add-on to a comprehensive travel insurance plan


  • Optional CFAR coverage only reimburses 50% of prepaid travel expenses, which is less than some competitors
  • Travel Select plan only has $50,000 in coverage for emergency medical expenses, which is lower than some competitors
  • The baggage delay benefit requires a 12-hour waiting period
  • CFAR coverage is not available with all Travelex plans

Best COVID Coverage for a Cruise


GET A QUOTE via Squaremouth’s secure website
Preferred Plan
iTravelInsured Travel LX Basic
Covers COVID
Medical & Evacuation Limits Per Person
$500,000 / $1,000,000
Why We Like It

Editor's take

This plan is great for travelers of any age and offers extremely robust coverage for a low price. Depending on your trip parameters, this plan can work out to be hundreds of dollars cheaper than similar plans while still offering great coverage and a 10-day money-back guarantee.

As an example, you will be covered for up to $500,000 of primary emergency medical coverage, meaning you won’t have to pay first and wait to be reimbursed should you need unexpected medical treatment while traveling. IMG will pay the bills for you up to $500,000. You also get travel cancellation, interruption, and travel delay coverage as well as protection for baggage delays and baggage loss comes standard.


  • 10-day money back guarantee
  • Generous limits for trip delays, emergency evacuation, and more
  • 24/7 emergency travel assistance included
  • Coronavirus-related medical expenses covered
  • Rental car coverage included


  • Recently developed pre-existing conditions may not be covered
  • CFAR and IFAR coverage only available as an add-on with premium plans

Best for High Customer Satisfaction Ratings

Tin Leg

GET A QUOTE via Squaremouth’s secure website
Preferred Plan
Covers COVID
Medical & Evacuation Limits Per Person
$500,000 / $500,000
Why We Like It

Editor's take

Tin Leg is known for offering high-quality travel insurance coverage for a reasonable price. The Gold plan is no different. This plan is a great option for an affordable travel insurance policy that covers COVID and ticks all the boxes. It has quite high limits, great inclusions, and usually comes in at an affordable price (depending on your specific trip details). Contrary to the USA Only plan, which we also listed, this plan is suitable for international travel!

Tin Leg is also one of the best providers of COVID-19 coverage due to their transparency regarding coronavirus and that most of their policies treat coronavirus as any other illness. They also have some of the highest customer satisfaction ratings around.

We recommend the Gold plan from Tin Leg for several reasons, including its generous coverage limits for emergency medical expenses. This plan comes automatically with trip cancellation and interruption coverage for coronavirus and other covered instances, as well as up to $500,000 in emergency medical expense protection with no deductible and up to $500,000 in coverage for emergency medical evacuation. Travelers also qualify for travel delay protection, baggage insurance, and insurance that protects against missed connections.

Other benefits include coverage for lost or delayed sports equipment and 24-hour travel assistance services.


  • Excellent primary coverage for medical expenses
  • High limit for emergency evacuation coverage
  • Optional cancel for any reason (CFAR) coverage available
  • Comes with coverage for hurricanes and inclement weather
  • Coverage for pre-existing conditions is available if purchased within 14 days of the trip deposit


  • Baggage delay coverage requires a 24-hour waiting period
  • Low coverage limits for baggage and personal effects

Best for Active Travelers with Equipment

Generali Global Assistance

GET A QUOTE via Squaremouth’s secure website
Preferred Plan
Covers COVID
Medical & Evacuation Limits Per Person
$250,000 / $1,000,000
Why We Like It

Editor's take

Generali Global Assistance states that insured members who are diagnosed with COVID-19 before or during a trip and meet the requirements for coverage due to sickness can be covered for trip cancellation and interruption, travel delays, medical and dental expenses, emergency transportation services, and 24-7 travel emergency assistance. This provider also offers exceptional coverage for active travelers and sports enthusiasts who bring their own equipment on trips (more on this below).

The Premium plan from Generali Global Assistance offers exceptional coverages and high limits for coronavirus-related medical treatment and myriad other perils. For example, this plan comes with up to $250,000 in coverage for emergency medical expenses and up to $1 million in protection for emergency medical evacuation. Coverage for pre-existing medical conditions is also included along with rental car coverage.

Other perks include coverage for lost luggage and baggage delays, trip delay coverage worth up to $1,000 per person, and trip cancellation and interruption coverage. Finally, this plan offers special protections for active families who may travel with equipment like golf clubs or skis. As a special feature, insured members qualify for up to $2,000 in protection for sporting equipment and $500 per person in insurance for sporting equipment delays.


  • High coverage limits with top tier Premium plan
  • Some plans let you add on CFAR coverage
  • Pre-existing conditions covered in the Premium plan
  • Comes with 24-7 worldwide travel assistance services


  • The standard plan comes with low plan limits, including just $50,000 per traveler in medical and dental expense
  • CFAR coverage must be purchased within 24 hours of the initial trip deposit
  • A 12-hour waiting period is required for luggage delay coverage

Best for Customer Service

Faye Travel Insurance

GET A QUOTE via the Faye website
Preferred Plan
Faye Travel Protection Plan
Covers COVID
Medical & Evacuation Limits Per Person
$100,000 / $500,000
Why We Like It

Editor's take

Faye is a new travel insurance disruptor that offers an innovative solution to travel insurance with a digital-first approach. What sets them apart is their user-friendly solution to a traditionally bureaucratic system. With Faye, users can manage everything online or via the Faye app – including the entire booking and claims process. Although it’s a newer provider in the travel insurance industry, Faye is already rising as a fan favorite among young, tech-savvy travelers and digital nomads who want quick, convenient, and reliable travel insurance without having to go through an agent.

Apart from their online-first approach, Faye is easy to use and caters to all types of travelers including those who may want help via phone support.

Another feature that sets Faye apart from the competition is their plan offerings. Faye offers one base plan with an array of comprehensive coverage and optional add-ons to customize your plan.

Potential Add-ons include:

  • Pet care
  • Rental car care
  • Cancel for any reason
  • Vacation rental damage
  • Adventure & extreme sports

If you are looking for a convenient and cost-effective way to insure your vacation, consider opting for Faye travel insurance. *Note: Coverage limits and availability may vary by state of residence.


  • Friendly agents
  • Easy-to-use mobile app
  • Fast reimbursements for eligible claims
  • Prompt replies to questions


  • Long wait times for reimbursement
  • Difficulty reaching Faye outside of email & virtual chat
Passport and Plane Ticket

Does travel insurance cover COVID-19?

At the start of the pandemic, many travel insurance companies excluded COVID-19 as a covered illness. The good news is that most major insurance providers now offer travel insurance COVID plans standard when you book.

That said, some low-cost travel insurance plans and flight insurance may exclude coronavirus as a covered scenario. So, it’s always best to confirm coverage ahead of time.

Typically travel insurance COVID plans will cover emergency medical expenses relating to COVID and treat it as any other illness. Some COVID travel insurance will also offer you trip cancellation and interruption coverage as well. This is useful if you cut your trip short or cancel it altogether as a result of a COVID diagnosis.

The best COVID-19 travel insurance plans will also allow you to extend your trip due to quarantine and cover incidental expenses when the quarantine is under a doctor’s orders.

What isn’t covered by COVID travel insurance?

Despite most plans offering COVID-19 coverage, there are still COVID-related situations that are often not covered by these plans.

Here are a few different situations that typically do not qualify for reimbursement:


Pre-travel COVID tests

Many people may wonder – does insurance cover COVID testing for travel? The answer is no, not usually. If you become ill on your trip and get a COVID test done as part of a medical exam, this will typically be covered. However, pre-travel COVID tests are not usually covered by travel insurance or health insurance.

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A physician advises you not to travel

Even if your physician advises you not to travel due to fears you may catch COVID-19, this is typically not a reason covered under travel insurance plans. If you end up canceling, they will ask you if your physician advised you not to travel. This is especially important to keep in mind for immunocompromised individuals like senior citizens looking for coverage.

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Self-imposed quarantine during travel

Quarantine advised by a physician due to catching coronavirus is often covered under travel insurance plans. However, if you decide to quarantine abroad without a physician’s order or regulation from the local government, most travel insurance plans will not cover your expenses.

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Fear of travel due to the pandemic or catching COVID

If you are traveling to an area where COVID is active and growing, you most likely won’t be able to cancel and be reimbursed based on fear of catching COVID alone. Being uneasy about traveling due to the pandemic is understandable. However, this is not a scenario covered under the majority of travel insurance plans.

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Pro Tip: Opt for CFAR insurance if you are uneasy about traveling

If you’re worried you won’t want to travel or that the destination you’re visiting will experience a COVID-19 surge right before your arrival, protect yourself and your trip by purchasing a travel insurance policy with either trip cancellation insurance or an optional “cancel for any reason” (CFAR) coverage. This type of plan gives you the option to cancel your trip for any reason at all, even if you simply decide it’s best to stay home.

Adding CFAR coverage to your travel insurance plan may make your policy cost up to 50% more, but you’ll usually get 50% to 75% of your prepaid travel expenses back if you cancel.

According to the insurance provider Squaremouth, most COVID-19 travel insurance policies cover quarantine in certain situations. For example, a policy may provide reimbursement or payment of travel expenses if a trip is interrupted by a quarantine ordered by a physician.

Squaremouth also notes that coverage for a trip delay can also apply if you are stuck in a COVID-related quarantine ordered by a physician and are unable to return home on the date and time you originally planned.

If you’re worried about having to quarantine due to coronavirus during your trip, make sure you clearly understand what is covered by your policy and when quarantine coverage applies.

Is COVID-19 travel insurance necessary in April 2024?

Investing in COVID travel insurance is a still smart idea if you’re traveling far from home and are concerned about receiving adequate medical care when catching COVID-19 or having to cut a trip short due to COVID-related reasons.

Even though the pandemic has died down, it would be a foolish move to count COVID out of the equation. New variants are on the move coming in to 2024, and most travel insurance plans now cover you for COVID as a standard practice. So it’s a “no-brainer” to buy a cheap travel insurance plan that can reimburse you and offer you peace of mind while traveling.

To ensure you are covered, it’s important to seek out an insurance company that lists coronavirus as a covered medical condition in your policy such as the ones listed in this article.

It’s also a good idea to look for a plan that has adequate limits for:

What to look for in a travel insurance COVID policy

As you shop for travel insurance that covers COVID and other mishaps, make sure you carefully read over the fine print of every plan you’re considering.

When looking for a travel insurance policy, make sure to understand the following from the fine print:

It’s also a good idea to make sure you have the following types of coverage in place:

Travel insurance that covers COVID quarantine

As you read over different policies and compare the best travel insurance for COVID on the market, look for each company’s specific benefits and how they apply if quarantine is required. Sometimes there are specific requirements for quarantine to ensure you get a reimbursement. You’ll want to make sure the plan also covers incidental expenses relating to extending your trip due to quarantine. These can typically be found as part of trip interruption or trip delay coverage.

Emergency Medical Coverage for COVID-19

Emergency medical expense coverage is arguably the most important type of travel insurance to have. This coverage is crucial for every trip, and that’s true whether you are worried about coronavirus or not.

Make sure you have adequate travel medical insurance that covers COVID if you’re traveling somewhere that your own health insurance is not accepted, even if it’s just over the border into Canada. Ideally, you’ll opt for a plan that has at least $100,000 in emergency medical coverage.

Insurance for medical evacuation & repatriation

It’s important to have coverage for emergency medical evacuation and repatriation of remains. This is often included in the emergency medical coverage, but it’s best to double-check as some plans only cover the hospital fees (not evacuation or repatriation).

Evacuation protection can come into play if you have to be transported by ambulance, helicopter, or plane to receive adequate medical care. Meanwhile, repatriation of remains insurance can pay for the transportation of your body or a traveling companion’s body home upon death.

Also, consider how much protection your plan offers for emergency medical evacuation. This insurance is a crucial component of your plan since long-distance evacuation by ambulance, helicopter, or plane can become costly in a hurry. $1 million in coverage should be enough for trips abroad.

Trip cancellation benefits

Make sure your plan comes with trip cancellation benefits worth up to 100% of the prepaid trip costs. This type of insurance will let you cancel your trip for a covered reason, including if you become sick with COVID-19 before departure.

It’s also important to have trip cancellation insurance if you’re embarking on a cruise since COVID-19 can cause your cruise to leave late or not leave at all. See which cruise travel insurance plans we recommend.

Optional “Cancel for any reason” (CFAR) coverage

Many travel insurance plans let you add on CFAR coverage for an additional cost. This type of insurance lets you cancel your trip for any reason at all — even if you just decide it’s best to stay home. You’ll pay more for CFAR coverage, but you can get reimbursement for 50% to 75% of your prepaid trip costs with proper documentation.

Trip interruption coverage

This protection can reimburse you for some or all of your prepaid travel expenses when your trip is cut short or ruined post-departure.

Trip interruption insurance becomes even more crucial during trips abroad, such as when a physician orders you to quarantine mid-trip due to coronavirus. It can pay for the extra costs of extending your trip and reimbursement of some prepaid travel expenses if your trip is interrupted due to coronavirus or another covered reason.

Optional “Interruption for any reason” (IFAR) coverage

IFAR coverage takes trip interruption coverage a step further and lets you interrupt your trip for any reason at all and still be reimbursed. This could be related to the coronavirus, but your reasoning can be almost anything.

Like with CFAR coverage, IFAR protection costs more and you typically get 50% to 75% of your prepaid trip costs returned to you with proper documentation.

Travel delay coverage

Travel delay coverage can be useful for COVID-19 quarantine if your trip is delayed before you depart or you are delayed for your arrival home. Note: Quarantine must be prescribed by a physician for this coverage to apply.

If you’re planning to travel multiple times within a year, it may be worth getting annual travel coverage to cover all of your trips instead of just one. All annual travel coverages include medical coverage. However, other typical travel insurance benefits, such as trip cancellation or interruption coverage, may not be included.

How to purchase a COVID-19 travel insurance plan

Whether you plan to buy a comprehensive travel insurance plan for COVID from Travelex or you’re considering other providers like Tin Leg or Seven Corners, you’ll need to take the following steps to lock in coverage for your trip.

You can use the quick comparison tool by following these simple steps to receive a quote in minutes.

Passport and Plane Ticket

Calculate the total cost of your trip

You’ll need the total cost of your trip handy to make sure you choose the correct amount for potential reimbursement. Information to gather can include receipts for your prepaid travel costs such as transportation, lodging, tours, etc.

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Enter your travel details in the search tool above

Begin the quote process by entering the travel dates for your trip and the country you plan to visit. You’ll be taken to step 2 on a separate page where you will enter the trip cost, and travelers’ ages, as well as the dates of your first payment.

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Select the “Coronavirus Pandemic” filter

Once you reach the page with listed plans, you will see popular filters off to the left. Select the “Coronavirus Pandemic” filter to see only plans that cover COVID.

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Compare travel insurance quotes & policies side-by-side

Finally, take the time to compare all the different travel insurance quotes presented to you. You can filter search results to look for specific policy benefits, or even to customize your coverage with select add-ons like rental car coverage or CFAR insurance.

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How to get quarantine reimbursement from your travel insurance company

First off, make sure you choose the right type of policy!

For example, interruption-only coverage can reimburse you, but only if you cancel after you have started the trip. If you get COVID and need to cancel the trip before leaving, then you will need to make sure you have trip cancellation coverage.

Additionally, how you are reimbursed depends on the type of policy you choose.

Some policies may require you to make upfront payments and wait to be reimbursed, whereas others may send you to a specific hospital of their choice where you aren’t required to make any upfront payments.

If you prefer to have the insurance company pay upfront, you’ll need to select a plan with “primary medical coverage.”

Regardless, insurance companies are notoriously strict about requiring documentation and proof of your reason for using your insurance policy.

Therefore, when it comes to receiving proper reimbursement from your travel insurance company in any scenario — including quarantine — you will want to make sure you keep and properly store every piece of documentation you receive.

This means it’s important to keep track of:

If you have all of this information handy, you’ll receive faster reimbursement for travel expenses related to quarantine. If you fail to keep this documentation and cannot retrieve it, on the other hand, your claim may be denied.

Keep in mind that it may take several weeks or months to receive an answer to your claim. Having all of your documentation in order ahead of time will speed up the process.

Traveling during the pandemic: Best practices

Check the U.S. Department of State website for information on country-specific travel restrictions regarding coronavirus. This government resource lists a range of information for each country around the world, including the ongoing threat level and any travel restrictions in place due to the pandemic, such as if you’re required to have international travel insurance with coronavirus coverage to enter the country.

Purchasing travel insurance is worth it to gain considerable peace of mind as well as financial protection before you depart on a trip. Some countries even require you to have international travel insurance that covers COVID-19, whereas others leave the choice up to you.

If you’re worried about contracting coronavirus during your trip, it never hurts to wear a mask when you’re in a crowded space. For example, you can plan to wear a mask on planes and public transportation, or when you’re visiting crowded restaurants, museums, and other high-traffic areas. This can be particularly helpful on trips to populous cities, such as when visiting Tokyo, Japan.

Finally, remember that a lot has changed within the travel landscape since COVID came around. You may need to keep your travel plans flexible and have an open mind. This way you can enjoy a worry-free trip and rest assured you’re covered if you get sick.

Countries with COVID travel restrictions

According to the travel website KAYAK, as of September 2024, all countries have reopened their borders to vaccinated and unvaccinated travelers except Turkmenistan.

That said, we recommend that you research entry requirements for the country you hope to visit.

The new variant Eris has been growing worldwide, especially in the U.S. and Asia.

COVID-19 Travel Insurance FAQ

Will my trip be covered if I cancel because of getting COVID-19?

It depends on your insurance plan. Some travel insurance plans offer a cancellation benefit that applies if you have to cancel a trip due to any illness, including COVID-19. However, you will need to prove your positive status with a letter from a physician for this coverage to apply.

Can I cancel my trip due to a CDC Alert and still be reimbursed?

Some travel insurance plans let the insured use their trip cancellation benefit when the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) issues a Level 4: “Do Not Travel” advisory, yet this isn’t always the case. If you want to be able to cancel a trip due to updates from the CDC, make sure you add optional CFAR coverage to your travel insurance plan.

Can I cancel my trip due to government restrictions or lockdowns and still be reimbursed?

This depends on your insurance policy. Some insurance policies allow you to cancel a trip and get reimbursed for prepaid travel expenses due to government lockdowns. A good example of this is Cancel For Any Reason (CFAR). Double check if your plan covers government travel restrictions due to COVID-19.

Am I covered if I miss my flight because of airport delays from COVID-19?

Many travel insurance policies offer protection for missed connections and various travel delays. Read over the terms and conditions in the fine print to see if your policy covers missed flights due to coronavirus.

If you purchased flight insurance directly from the airline you’re flying with, be sure to check with them to make sure COVID related delays and cancellations are covered.

Does insurance cover COVID testing for travel?

In almost every case, travel insurance doesn’t cover home testing for COVID-19. However, your plan’s emergency medical expense benefit may cover testing in a hospital or another medical facility during a trip.

Does my travel insurance policy cover me if I cancel an upcoming trip because I am concerned about COVID-19?

Fear of traveling due to COVID-19 is not covered by travel insurance. If you want to be able to cancel due to fears of contracting coronavirus, make sure you select a plan that comes with optional CFAR protection.

If I am forced to quarantine overseas due to COVID-19, will my coverage be extended through these dates?

Many travel insurance plans include coverage for quarantine due to coronavirus, and your plan may be extended automatically if you are participating in a physician-ordered quarantine overseas.

Make sure to read over the details of your policy before you travel so you know for sure.

Can I get a refund on my policy if my trip was canceled because of COVID-19?

Trip cancellation benefits do not lead to a refund of the price you paid for your COVID travel insurance policy. Instead, they provide reimbursement for travel expenses you have already paid for, such as flights, hotel stays, and tours.

Will COVID-19 coverage increase the cost of my travel insurance policy?

They are many factors that determine how much travel insurance costs. These include but are not limited to trip cost, age of travelers, coverage limits, pre-existing conditions, deductible amount, and adding on additional coverages.

Coverage for COVID related scenarios isn’t an additional add-on, it is a normal coverage that either is or is not included in a policy based on provider. The inclusion of this coverage should not directly influence the price of your plan.

Does my health insurance cover international travel?

US-based health insurance policies will not be valid when you travel abroad to other countries. Therefore, you will need to pay for any medical procedures or care you receive during your vacation. Travel insurance, particularly one that covers COVID, is therefore essential should you travel outside of the US.

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