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HTH WorldWide Travel Insurance Review 2024: Is It Worth It?

HTH Worldwide review
  • HTH Worldwide is a well-established travel insurance provider with 27 years of experience.
  • The provider offers three comprehensive travel insurance policies: TripProtector Economy, TripProtector Classic and TripProtector Preferred. These plans cover trip cancellation, trip interruption, medical emergencies and more.
  • Some plans include coverage for natural disasters and situations that involve acts of terrorism. Most travel insurance providers do not offer this type of coverage.
  • Optional add-ons are available with the Preferred plan. These add-ons include cancel for any reason (CFAR) coverage, a collision damage waiver and a pre-existing medical condition waiver.
  • It offers two additional policies designed specifically for medical and medical evacuation coverage.
  • To compare multiple travel insurance policies and find the best one to suit your travel needs, try using our online comparison tool.

If you’re exploring travel insurance options, HTH Worldwide stands out as a trustworthy provider

The company offers comprehensive plans catering to various travel needs, including unique features like coverage for natural disasters and substantial medical care limits. 

In this HTH Worldwide review, we’ll break down all the plan details, optional add-ons, customer reviews and overall suitability so that you can make an informed decision about what to purchase for your upcoming journey.

Pros & Cons


  • Good coverage for interruptions (up to 200%)
  • Offers comprehensive trip protection and travel medical insurance
  • Access to health services worldwide via the mPassport app
  • Offers coverage for expatriates


  • Medical plans may have a high deductible
  • Baggage delay coverage requires 12 hour delay (long)
Solid Travel Coverage Options
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Is HTH Worldwide legit?

HTH Worldwide Travel Insurance, which is also known as HTH Travel Insurance and Worldwide Insurance Services, is a legitimate insurance provider. 

The company was founded in 1997 under the name Highway to Health; today, it operates under the HTH Worldwide brand. With 27 years of trading, the company is firmly established in the travel insurance market. HTH Travel Insurance offers a variety of comprehensive plans for travelers of all kinds.

Are you considering HTH Worldwide travel insurance for your next trip? To help you decide if this is the best travel insurance for your journey, here’s an in-depth look at the primary features, benefits and highlights of the company’s plans.

Bottom Line: Main highlights of HTH Worldwide travel insurance

When you buy travel insurance from HTH Worldwide, you gain access to a variety of comprehensive benefits. 

Depending on the plan you choose, you can get trip coverage for situations that are typically excluded from most travel insurance policies, including natural disasters. 

HTH Worldwide’s highest-level plans come with luxury benefits that are hard to find elsewhere — the TripProtector Preferred plan will reimburse you for up to 200% of your costs in case of a trip interruption. If you’re traveling as a group, HTH Worldwide offers a 10% discount.

If you’re concerned about medical coverage on your trip, HTH Worldwide offers high-limit options up to $500,000 for medical care and $1 million for medical transportation. Plus, with the company’s mPassport app, it’s easier to locate the closest health providers anywhere in the world. If you need to be hospitalized, the Direct Pay system can work with the facility to settle the bill.

HTH Worldwide travel insurance plans & coverage

Most HTH Worldwide travel insurance plans are designed for people who are taking a single trip.

Best for Low Risk Destinations

HTH Travel Insurance

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Preferred Plan
TripProtector Economy
Covers COVID
Medical & Evacuation Limits Per Person
$75,000 / $500,000
Best for Trip Cancellations

HTH Travel Insurance

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Preferred Plan
TripProtector Classic
Covers COVID
Medical & Evacuation Limits Per Person
$250,000 / $1,000,000
Best for Medical Coverage

HTH Travel Insurance

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Preferred Plan
TripProtector Preferred
Covers COVID
Medical & Evacuation Limits Per Person
$500,000 / $1,000,000

Options include:


TripProtector Economy:

This base-level TripProtector plan offers more trip coverage than HTH Worldwide’s single-trip plans; it’s best for shorter trips to low-risk, politically stable destinations. You’ll get a maximum of $5,000 for trip cancellation, 125% of the cost of trip cancellation, $75,000 of medical coverage and $500,000 for medical evacuation.

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TripProtector Classic:

If you need a mid-range option with high medical coverage limits and comprehensive trip protection, this is your best bet. It covers trip cancellation up to $25,000 and trip interruption of up to 150% of the cost of the trip. Plus, you’ll get coverage for natural disasters and situations that involve terrorist activities.

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TripProtector Preferred:

This is HTH Worldwide’s premier travel insurance plan; it comes with all the benefits of the Classic and Economy plans, plus trip interruption coverage up to 200% of the trip cost and up to $50,000 for trip cancellation. You’ll also get $500,000 in medical coverage and up to $1 million in medical transportation. This plan is a good option if you’re taking an expensive trip or traveling to a remote destination with high-cost medical evacuation options. For example, African safari vacations are often costly and involve outdoor excursions where the terrain can make access to emergency assistance a challenge, so this plan would be ideal for coverage on your trip to Botswana.

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TravelGap Excursion excl US:

This plan is best if you already have U.S. health insurance and you want extra medical insurance for your trip. You can choose a maximum benefit ranging from $50,000 to $1 million and a deductible between $0 and $500. This plan covers professional services, inpatient hospital services, medical evacuation and a companion’s transportation to join you if you’re injured during your trip. It also comes with modest trip coverage.

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TravelGap Voyager excl US:

This plan is best for people who need flexible travel medical coverage and don’t have primary health insurance in the United States. It comes with medical insurance during your trip, medical evacuation, companion travel and basic trip coverage. You can choose coverage limits between $50,000 and $1 million and a deductible between $0 and $500.

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Here’s a brief look at how these plans compare:

Coverage type TripProtector Economy TripProtector Classic TripProtector Preferred
Emergency medical expenses $75,000 $250,000 $500,000
Emergency medical evacuation $500,000 £1,000,000 £1,000,000
Non-medical emergency evacuation N/A N/A N/A
Trip interruption 125% of trip cost 150% of trip cost 200% of trip cost
Trip delay $100/day
$500 maximum
$1,000 $2,000
Missed connection $250 $500 $1,000
Baggage delay $100 $200 $400
Lost/stolen/damaged personal items $750 $1,000 $2,000
Sports & Activities YES YES YES

Optional add-ons

HTH Travel Insurance offers a few optional add-ons, but only if you purchase the TripProtector Preferred plan. 

These benefits provide extra coverage and come at an extra cost.

Cancel for any reason coverage (CFAR)

This add-on allows you to cancel a trip for reasons not covered in the main policy. When you use it, you’ll be reimbursed for just 75% of the trip costs. To be eligible for CFAR coverage, you must cancel at least two days before you’re scheduled to depart.

Collision damage waiver

The collision damage waiver, which maxes out at $35,0000, covers any damages that result from theft, vandalism, collisions or certain weather conditions. You must be listed on the car rental agreement. The collision damage waiver isn’t available in New York or Texas.

Pre-existing medical condition waiver

The TripProtector Preferred plan can cover pre-existing medical conditions — but only if you buy the policy within 21 days of the date you make the first deposit for the trip. In addition, you must be medically cleared to travel on the day you buy the policy. This waiver covers diseases, illnesses and medical conditions for 60 days before your departure date.

Things not covered by HTH Worldwide travel insurance

Like most providers, HTH Worldwide travel plans come with a list of exclusions — things the policies do not cover. 

If you have the TripProtector Preferred plan, for example, typical exclusions include:

It’s also important to note that HTH Worldwide’s baggage benefits don’t apply to a wide range of items, including boats, professional equipment, musical instruments, hearing aids and orthodontic devices. 

Bear in mind that each policy may have different exclusions — read the fine print carefully to determine what your plan does not cover.

Cost of HTH Worldwide travel insurance plans

Based on our sales data, customers who purchased HTH Worldwide travel insurance via our platform spent an average of $203 for a 30-day trip. Therefore, we can assume that HTH Worldwide travel insurance costs around $7 per day.

To help you better understand how much HTH Worldwide travel insurance costs, we got quotes to five different countries for the three comprehensive HTH Worldwide plans: TripProtector Economy, TripProtector Classic and TripProtector Preferred. We then took the average of each quote.

Average Cost of HTH Worldwide Travel Insurance Plans

Plan Average cost Average cost per day
TripProtector Economy $70 $10
TripProtector Classic $86 $12
TripProtector Preferred $114 $16

Keep in mind that the price of a travel insurance policy varies depending on several factors, such as your age and the cost of your trip. Therefore, your final cost will be different than those displayed above. To find out how much you’ll pay, get a quote using our online comparison tool.

Methodology for reaching these averages

We used the following details for each quote:

Passport and Plane Ticket

HTH Worldwide travel insurance reviews from customers

HTH Worldwide travel insurance plans have 481 customer reviews with an overall rating of 4.23 out of five on Squaremouth.

Here’s what reviewers had to say about HTH Worldwide.

What customers like

Positive reviews highlight these points:

  • Easy purchase process
  • Availability of direct insurance billing
  • Kind and helpful customer service team

These are some reviews from pleased customers:

“I, unfortunately, had to utilize medical facilities on my most recent trip, and had a good experience with HTH…I was connected to someone who instantly created that email for me, and sent it to me and to the hospital. The whole thing took less than 30 minutes. With that letter in tow, I was able to be seen, treated and released without payment on my part. This made the entire episode easier on me. So, I had a very positive experience with HTH and would absolutely use them again.” - Philip

“I spoke with the customer service representatives several times both before and after purchasing my travel policy. Everyone I spoke with was very courteous and very professional. They explained everything very clearly.” - Patrick

What customers don’t like

Reviews that reflect unpleasant experiences mention these issues:

  • Can be challenging to connect to support
  • Filing claims can be confusing
  • Claim processing can take more than one month

Below are some comments from unhappy reviewers.

Bear in mind that customers are often more likely to leave a review when they are upset, rather than when they are satisfied.

“Very difficult to reach them and when I did they would only say I had to file my small claim through the internet.” - Donna

“Had to call a couple different numbers to get a few simple questions answered so it made me concerned if I did have an issue or to file a claim.” - Justin

Is HTH Worldwide travel insurance worth it?

HTH Travel Insurance may be worth it if emergency medical coverage is your primary concern while traveling.

With the company’s emergency assistance line and mPassport app, you can find healthcare providers that contract directly with HTH Worldwide to handle direct payments and reduce your out-of-pocket costs. Many plans offer high limits for both medical and trip coverage, which is convenient for high-ticket trips to far-flung destinations.

If you need customizable medical coverage, your best bet is one of the company’s TravelGap plans. They allow you to choose your coverage and deductible limits, and they’re available to people with and without primary health insurance.

When you want high coverage limits for both medical care and trip protection, HTH Worldwide’s TripProtector plans are a better option. The Economy, Classic and Preferred plans offer tiered benefits with trip cancellation coverage up to $50,000, medical care up to $500,000, and medical evacuation up to $1 million. The Classic and Preferred plans also offer coverage for natural disasters and terrorism, which is useful when you’re traveling to high-risk countries.

If you want travel insurance that covers multiple trips or long-term travel, you might want to choose another provider.

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FAQs: HTH Worldwide travel insurance

Do HTH Worldwide travel insurance plans cover COVID?

Certain HTH Worldwide travel insurance plans cover COVID. For example, if you purchase the TripProtector Preferred plan and fulfill the requirements for the preexisting condition waiver, you can use the policy benefits if COVID affects your plans.

Do HTH Worldwide travel insurance plans cover preexisting medical conditions?

Many travel insurance plans from HTH Worldwide, including both single-trip policies, cover preexisting medical conditions. If you’re buying a TripProtector plan, keep in mind that the Economy and Classic plans do not cover preexisting conditions; the Preferred plan does, but only if you purchase it within 21 days of your first trip deposit.

Who owns HTH travel insurance?

HTH Travel Insurance falls under the umbrella of HTH Worldwide.

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