Garden Grove police chase suspected carjacker into Newport Beach, Los Angeles man arrested

Police respond to reports of a carjacking in Garden Grove in Newport Beach Saturday night.
Responding to reports of a carjacking in Garden Grove, police chased suspect William McNair into Newport Beach Saturday night.
(Courtesy of the Garden Grove Police Department)

A Los Angeles man was arrested on suspicion of a carjacking that led to a pursuit ending in Newport Beach late Saturday night.

Garden Grove police responded to reports of a carjacking-in-progress at a bank at 11:34 p.m. Saturday near Harbor Boulevard and Garden Grove Boulevard. Police said the female victim had exited the vehicle and approached the ATM when the suspect approached the male driver and dragged him out of the car.

The suspect then drove off, nearly striking the male victim with the vehicle as he fled, police said.

Police also saw the vehicle speed past as the call was broadcast and attempted to conduct a high-risk vehicle stop, but the suspect is said to have continued to flee through two cities before being stopped in Newport Beach by Channel Road and Ocean Boulevard.

The vehicle was boxed in with the assistance of the Newport Beach BearCat, according to authorities, but the suspect refused to leave the vehicle after police issued several commands and used non-lethal means to remove him from the car. A K-9 unit was then deployed to apprehend the suspect, later identified as 45-year-old William McNair.

Court and jail records as of Monday morning do not currently indicate if McNair is still in custody or has been charged.

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