The news of U.S. Marine Jose Garibay’s...

The news of U.S. Marine Jose Garibay’s death on the battlefield in

Iraq brought the war to the heart of our community, beyond our TV

screens where images of war mimic a hybrid of video games and a

reality TV show gone haywire.


Being able to meet the family and witness the unselfish love and

support they received from the community made me realize that

regardless of race, religion or political opinion, the people of

Newport-Mesa could come together and unite as one. Like a large


family sharing the grief of losing a loved one.

I hope the Garibay family understood why we, the media, had to

follow their story. I hope they understood that we didn’t want to

invade their privacy, but rather use our words and images to help

their neighbors and their community learn more about an American

hero. He died serving this country, protecting our freedom, so we can

live in a peaceful environment. An environment far removed from the

war-torn battlefield where he gave his life.


-Sean Hiller, Daily Pilot photographer