Juice cleanse company coming to the Camp

Not everyone has room on their plate to eat the government-recommended five servings of fruits and vegetables a day.

Which is why Marra St.Clair and Lori Kenyon, certified nutritional consultants, have co-founded Ritual Wellness, a juice cleanse company that aims to provide customers with an easy way for people to eat 20.

That's 20 as in 20 pounds, not servings.

Each bottle of Ritual Juice, which is organic and cold-pressed, actually consists of three pounds of produce. But when drank as part of a juice cleanse diet, about six bottles are consumed daily, St.Clair said.

"Ritual Juices are an easy way to make sure you get the nutrition your body needs in a natural and healthy way on a daily basis," Kenyon said. "For me, Ritual Juice is a movement toward real food and away from engineered nutrition."

Ingredients include kale, cucumber, celery, ginger, cinnamon, apple and lemon.

"Our reset cleanses are a back-to-basics program designed to help restore healthy eating habits," St.Clair said.

A day's worth of juices for a cleanse program is about $80, St.Clair said.

The duo will sell the juices, including a protein-rich formula specific to athletes' needs, at the Camp in Costa Mesa at their first brick-and-mortar store, dubbed Ritual JuiceBox.

While the store, which opens in mid-July, will not offer the Ritual Cleanse programs, customers will be able place those orders online after consulting with a brand representative about which cleanse is right for them, St.Clair said.

Instead, Ritual JuiceBox will focus on the juices, which retain their nutritional integrity for days longer than products and smoothies from juice bars, she said.

"It's going to be a great way for people to grab a few bottles to have with them throughout the day," St.Clair said.

Another important component of the store is providing a venue for community dialogue about health and wellness — something that was never easy for the 2-year-old web-based company before now, she said.

Free classes and workshops with health experts will soon be offered in the Camp's community space to teach people about organic juices and correct misconceptions about juice cleanses.

"The people who have really become champions of juicing are those who are going to integrate it into already healthy habits," St.Clair said. "It's not designed to be a quick fix. It may be one, you'll lose weight, but like any other quick fix, once you go off it, unless you continue to integrate the vegetables and produce, you'll never get the results you want."

The store will also offer free delivery within Orange County as well as curbside pickup at the Camp, St.Clair said.

More information and a complete listing of ingredients is available at http://www.ritualcleanse.com.


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