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Reporter's Notebook: Into the wild blue with the Breitling Jet Team

I put my life in the hands of a Frenchman named Paco on Thursday morning. Before that, I watched the most alarming safety video I'd ever seen. An explanation: My assignment was pretty sublime — join the Breitling Jet Team in a special flight from Long Beach Airport on Thursday, one day before the...


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Costa Mesa and Newport Beach

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Newport to decide on dredging project in Semeniuk Slough

Newport Beach leaders will make a decision Tuesday that could turn back time for the saltwater marsh in West Newport known as the Semeniuk Slough. The City Council will consider a $1.6-million contract with Innovative Construction Solutions, a Santa Ana-based construction firm, to dredge 8,500 cubic...

Huntington Beach, Fountain Valley, Seal Beach

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Inaugural H.B. air show promises flyovers, patriotism

Laguna Beach

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Festival of Arts' $10-million facelift gets started

Festival of Arts' $10-million facelift gets started

Renovation of Laguna Beach's Festival of Arts grounds began last week, with crews demolishing concrete canopies that once housed exhibit spaces, an arts center and a concert stage. Once complete, the $10-million project — put on hold for a year in expectation of El Niño-induced rains that failed...


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Lily Tomlin tells tales of her early years and characters as she heads to O.C. for a one-woman show



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  • Reader Report: Edison logs another successful Model U.N. conference

    Edison High School's 32nd annual Model United Nations Conference took place in Huntington Beach on Oct. 15-16. Model United Nations (MUN) is a national, competitive debate organization, and Edison's program is one of the top 100 teams in the nation. Students discussed pressing issues from around...

  • Commentary: Measure Y would allow for proper city planning

    In his commentary "Measure Y is unwise and unneeded," (Oct. 13), Byron De Arakal fails to make a persuasive case against Measure Y. Here's why it will benefit the city. Measure Y recognizes that the public will have to live with the results of over-development for at least a generation. It returns...

  • Commentary: Invest in children by being a good role model

    As a former elementary teacher of 20 years, I've seen my share of bullying. We knew the statistics. We knew that the majority of children are victims of bullying at some point in their 12 years of school. We knew that it could take the form of physical, psychological or social trauma. This was...

  • Mailbag: Readers weigh in on the elections

    The hatemongers have stolen our political discourse A few months ago, a dear friend of mine passed away. From his humble beginnings in rural India (a disciple of Mahatma Gandhi) he graduated in engineering from Stanford University and had a long, successful professional career in the aerospace...

  • Mailbag: 2 opposing views on Costa Mesa Measure Y

    Measure Y would help the city This is in response to Byron de Arakal's commentary ("Measure Y is unwise and unneeded", Oct. 13). Measure Y was promulgated, and circulated for signatures, by citizens of our city who were fed up with the Planning Commission's indifference to their wants and needs,...


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  • Police Files for Oct. 21

    Costa Mesa Harbor Boulevard: Disorderly conduct related to alcohol was reported in the 2000 block at 2:50 a.m. Friday. Newport Beach Jamboree Road: Larceny was reported in the 1500 block at 6:06 a.m. Friday. Seashore Drive: Petty theft was reported in the 4400 block at 8:32 a.m. Friday. Via Lido:...

  • Police Files for Oct. 20

    Costa Mesa East 17th Street: Shoplifting was reported in the 200 block at 4 p.m. Wednesday. Newport Beach Westcliff Drive: Trespassing arrest was reported in the 1700 block at 5:11 a.m. Thursday. Clay Street: Hit-and-run was reported in the 2400 block at 8:23 a.m. Thursday. 16th Street: Petty theft...

  • Police Files for Oct. 19

    Costa Mesa West 18th Street: Possession of a controlled substance was reported in the 500 block at 4:32 p.m. Tuesday. Pinecreek Drive: Petty theft was reported in the 2800 block at 8:30 p.m. Tuesday. West Baker Street: Auto theft was reported in the 600 block at 2 a.m. Wednesday. Cabrillo Street:...

  • Borrowed Lamborghini crashes and burns in Newport Beach; driver sought

    Newport Beach police investigators suspect a lime-green Lamborghini was speeding before it rolled multiple times and then caught on fire on West Coast Highway Tuesday night. Authorities found the luxury sports car engulfed in flames near Prospect Street at 10:40 p.m. Witnesses said at least one...