Framed, Chapter 3: Secret lovers, legal maneuvering and a fictional blueprint for 'the perfect crime'

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Wetlands celebrates 10 years

The Amigos de Bolsa Chica recently celebrated the 10th anniversary of a tidal inlet project for the Bolsa Chica wetlands that allowed ocean waters to flow into the area for the first time in more than 100 years. The inlet, near Pacific Coast Highway and Seapoint Street, opened in the early hours...


Expectations high for Brethren Christian

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Bungalow bar brings a beach-house vibe to Pacific City

Bungalow bar brings a beach-house vibe to Pacific City

It's easy to forget you're at a bar, in the middle of a dining and shopping center, while sipping on a beer at the Bungalow. Instead, you feel like you're enjoying a get-together at a friend's beach house. That's the vibe owner Brent Bolthouse was going for when designing the Bungalow, located...


  • Mailbag: Davenport Marina article lacked community's perspective

    Many of the Huntington Harbour residents feel the Independent's Aug. 17 article, "H.B. council pauses project," was biased toward the developer's (Stanko) position. After reading about the Davenport Marina parking lot, where the Stankos are looking to build two new homes adjacent to the waterway,...

  • Mailbag: Heroes worth honoring? Not necessarily

    I read with interest the article about state Assemblyman Matt Harper's grandstanding ploy to honor John Wayne ("Harper's day for 'Duke' nixed," May 5). This is typical election-year theatrics. Harper (R-Huntington Beach) is running for reelection and is being challenged by a Republican, Katherine...

  • Mailbag: Old pools 'a sad commentary'

    Mailbag: Old pools 'a sad commentary'

    The recent article about the deplorable condition of our high school pools was an eye-opener for most of us who don't still have kids in education. I was stunned to hear that the pools are so unsuitable that water polo teams' home games have to be played in other cities. One of the pools has even...

  • Commentary: Californians work too long each year to pay their taxes

    As the song goes, everybody's working for the weekend. But if you are a California taxpayer, you are working for the government until April 30. According to the Tax Foundation, that is the day tax freedom comes to us here in the Golden State. While most of the country will be celebrating sooner,...

  • Commentary: Think before closing off libraries on Sundays

    Literacy experts have established the notion and proved the fact that literacy skills are positively correlated with easy access to a library. USC professor Stephen Krashen and other researchers have found unequivocally that the presence and accessibility of a library is consistently aligned with...