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Muscle Maker Grill debuts in Orange County


  • Commentary: Think before closing off libraries on Sundays

    Literacy experts have established the notion and proved the fact that literacy skills are positively correlated with easy access to a library. USC professor Stephen Krashen and other researchers have found unequivocally that the presence and accessibility of a library is consistently aligned with...

  • Mailbag: People need low-cost housing

    People need low-cost housing I have just one question for those Huntington Beach residents who oppose any plans for adding low-income housing in our community ("Low-cost housing again is a no-go," March 10): You know those people who make your coffees, wash your cars, prepare your meals, wash your...

  • Commentary: Lester's firing is a great loss

    In trying to present the argument for firing the Coastal Commission's executive director, Charles Lester, David Hansen made a number of unsupported assumptions and presented conclusions that were not factually based ("Tiptoeing around panel shake-up," Feb. 18). First, he said the firing would likely...

  • Commentary: Commission was answer to public outrage

    What David Hansen fails to mention in his column on the California Coastal Commission ("Tiptoeing around panel shake-up," Feb 18) is that the commission was created in 1972 by the California electorate, which was fed up with out-of-control coastal development and increasingly restricted access...

  • Commentary: One option omitted: no desalination plant at all

    While Anthony Clark Carpio's article ("How would desalinated water be distributed? Water district decides to look at 5 of 8 options," Feb. 5) refers to the proposed Poseidon Water project as "highly contested," it did not deal with the sanest and most cost-effective option of all — don't build...