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Vietnamese American artists explore ideas of beauty and identity

Vietnamese American artists explore ideas of beauty and identity

Thinh Nguyen remembers coming to America from the tiny Vietnamese village of Bao An in the early 1990s, when he was 11, and not fitting in. Back then, he was the only Asian student in his school and didn't speak any English. His feeling of separateness was almost indescribable. That he didn't look...


  • Commentary: One option omitted: no desalination plant at all

    While Anthony Clark Carpio's article ("How would desalinated water be distributed? Water district decides to look at 5 of 8 options," Feb. 5) refers to the proposed Poseidon Water project as "highly contested," it did not deal with the sanest and most cost-effective option of all — don't build...

  • Commentary: Bravo to innovative instructor and his Viking spirit

    Marina High School woodshop teacher Bob Meade exemplifies what education philosophers — from Marie Montessori to John Dewey to John Taylor Gatto — have long insisted constitutes a true education: relevance, an emphasis on problem-solving (critical-thinking skills) and learner involvement. ("Viking...

  • Commentary: I resolve to fight for schools, small businesses in 2016

    With the new year upon us, many people are resolving to get healthy, save money or learn a new skill. You may be joining others in committing to doing something to make this year great. I'm heading back to Sacramento, and this year my resolution is to fight for your freedom and your prosperity....

  • Mailbag: Candidates must step up on issues

    Kudos to the Independent on its Looking Ahead article for 2016 ("Vote on Poseidon among issues," Jan. 7) outlining important local issues on the docket for 2016. The key was the last section on the citywide 2016 election this year. Candidates for City Council in November have been put on notice...

  • Commentary: Take two tweets and call me in the morning

    If you're reading this on your phone (or your watch), I don't need to tell you how much technology has changed our lives. But while many people list the ways in which gadgets are ruining our lives, I would like to make the case in favor of technology as helpful, hopeful and even curative. From wearable...