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University Park, Irvine's first 'village,' celebrates 50 years

When the first residents moved into Irvine's University Park neighborhood, families lived near thousands of acres of asparagus, strawberries and oranges and had to go all the way to Newport Beach's Fashion Island to catch a movie at the theater. People would bike two miles to the Tick Tock convenience...



  • Mailbag: Council has rolled over for developers in the past

    Re. "384-apartment mixed-use project near JWA is rejected by Newport council (July 27)": I actually have sympathy for the developers of this project. I don't think they were provided clear guidance for what is acceptable in the airport area. There isn't a good area plan in place, and developers...

  • Commentary: Remembering the days when phones were not so smart

    Remember when all you had to do to use a phone was plug one end of a flat cord into it and the other into the phone jack, then connect the handset to the phone with a long curly cord so you could dial a number and then walk all over the house and talk? I remember when black fabric-covered cords...

  • Commentary: Team Newport hasn't delivered on fiscal promises

    Recently, Balboa Island resident Bob McCaffrey wrote an opinion piece extolling our current council in all its magnificence. There is only one, slight problem with his article: Nearly everything he wrote, in my opinion, is either flatly incorrect or wildly misleading. McCaffrey pounds once again...

  • Commentary: Voting district measure would create inequities

    The Costa Mesa Council recently voted 3-2 in favor of placing a measure regarding council district boundaries on the ballot. To avoid a potential lawsuit under the Voting Rights Act (VRA), many cities are moving in this direction from at-large to district elections to ensure compliance with VRA...

  • Commentary: Candidate Herdman opened his Balboa Island home to me

    During our last visit to Balboa Island in November 2015, I found out from my American AFS (American Field Service) brother Jeff Herdman that he would be entering the campaign for a seat on the Newport Beach City Council in 2016. Since that two-week visit with Jeff and his wife, Sally, my wife,...


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Duran Duran still going strong at 40



Police Files for July 29

Costa Mesa Wallace Avenue: Vehicle burglary was reported in the 1900 block at 9:30 p.m. Wednesday. West 19th Street: Vandalism was reported in the 700 block at 10:30 p.m. Wednesday. Meyer Place: Vehicle theft was reported in the 2100 block at 12:45 a.m. Thursday. Pitcairn Drive: Garage burglary was...