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Muscle Maker Grill debuts in Orange County



Breakers regain league's top spot


  • Commentary: Laguna council's subcommittee process inherently biased

    When we were very young, many of us learned that the fairest way for two people to share a cookie was to have one person split it in two and let the other person have first choice of the resulting pieces. It gave the cookie breaker the motivation to be as fair as possible when splitting the cookie....

  • Mailbag: Arts plan needs to be better thought out

    Village Laguna appreciates that the Cultural Arts Plan has provided the opportunity and forum for focusing on the artistic life of our community. Unfortunately, the plan's recommendations seem to be almost solely based on opinions expressed in a community survey in which 40% of the respondents do...

  • Commentary: Lester's firing is a great loss

    In trying to present the argument for firing the Coastal Commission's executive director, Charles Lester, David Hansen made a number of unsupported assumptions and presented conclusions that were not factually based ("Tiptoeing around panel shake-up," Feb. 18). First, he said the firing would likely...

  • Commentary: Change in City Hall hours explained

    People have raised concerns about schedule changes at City Hall. For the benefit of those not familiar with the reasons for the changes, I would like to explain. In late March or early April, City Hall will expand its operating hours on Mondays through Thursdays to 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. This is...

  • Commentary: Water district has made historic move

    As a past member of the Laguna Beach County Water District board, I am thrilled that — for the first time in 68 years — our district will no longer be 100% reliant on imported water from the Colorado River and Northern California. This is huge! ("New water deal cuts district's imports," Feb. 5.)...