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Alessa parklet is getting the boot

The council declines to give more time to the 60-day trial of an outdoor area that extends from the restaurant on Forest Avenue, including that charge that it doesn't benefit the public, only the patrons.

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On Theater: 'Sound of Music' still loud and clear

The hills are still alive with "The Sound of Music" nearly 60 years after this final collaboration between Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein II won five Tony awards and inspired the Oscar-winning movie version that followed in 1965. It's one of the most popular family-oriented Broadway shows...



New Zealand trip kicks off what Laguna hopes is memorable year for cross-country program


  • Mailbag: Where's the protection of private property rights?

    Laguna Beach has long maintained an R-1 residential zone for "low-density, single-family residential areas, which will provide a suitable environment for family life for residents," according to the city's general plan. Chapter 25.10.002 explicitly says, "The zone is intended to provide a quiet...

  • Mailbag: It's one way to pay the rent

    Regarding Dave Hansen's recent column in the Coastline Pilot, if Soon Chey's panhandling activities are legal, and there's nothing anybody can do about her, I'm ready to cash in the five jobs I'm currently working to keep up with Laguna Beach rent after 45 years of good citizenship, rent myself...

  • Mailbag: Reaction to Pietig letter

    In response to the letter by City Manager John Pietig, I rush to his support and to support the other participants in the Laguna Beach housing support program John describes. It's a pity, though, as John and the others shouldn't need support. Perhaps an outside party can shed some much-needed light...

  • Mailbag: Addressing city house assistance, pay and benefits

    In response to the rising cost of housing, the city of Laguna Beach initiated a housing assistance program in 2000 to encourage some essential employees to live in town to facilitate timely responses to emergencies. The employees in the program have key roles in responding to and managing operations...

  • Mailbag: Volunteers are needed at Laguna Food Pantry

    At the Laguna Food Pantry, volunteer drivers have for years been picking up more than 10,000 pounds of food weekly from our generous friends at Pavilions, Whole Foods, and two Trader Joe's markets. Recently, Ralph's and Gelson's offered us their surplus foods, as well, which is the reason for this...