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The government claims that an ancient statue imported to the U.S. by reality star Kim Kardashian violates an agreement between Italy and the U.S.

A classic YouTube clip of Prince dazzling his peers at the 2004 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame ceremony has been re-cut by the original director.

Current and former employees of ICM Partners allege that the talent agency tolerated harassment and misconduct toward women and people of color.

The designer of Washington, D.C.'s Vietnam Veterans Memorial is shaping the way women learn at Smith College and with ‘Ghost Forest’ makes a climate change statement.

Comic books and Black creators

Comic books by Black writers and artists, even those created for Black families about Black people, have been on the rise. Black Sands Entertainment is the latest company to bring this to the forefront. The comics industry has undergone some change as well with Black characters and creators becoming increasingly central to diverse storytelling.

Disney+ shows like “The Falcon and the Winter Soldier,” technology (NFTs, anyone?) and the fates of communal gatherings have each also put a spotlight on the industry.

Congressman Ted Lieu introduced the 21st Century Federal Writers’ Project act on May 6. It all started with an article by David Kipen in the L.A. Times

Milestone pandemic reopening: From essential workers seeking escape to an 8-year-old playing hooky, a California-only crowd came to Disneyland Friday.

A year after graduating into a pandemic, my son was reluctant to attend his ‘make-up’ college graduation ceremony. In the end, it was amazing.

It’s where pros train for music videos, and where amateurs go for a creative outlet. The pandemic knocked them down, but dance studios aren’t giving up.

More than a year after closing due to the pandemic, the theme parks at the Disneyland Resort in Anaheim reopened April 30. Here’s what to expect.

Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance is too long for California health rules limiting indoor rides. Here’s how Disneyland is approaching the problem.

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Dan O’Brien, the playwright and poet behind “The Body of an American” and “The House in Scarsdale,” channels hurt and healing into new work.

Oscar winner Olympia Dukakis, the theater veteran who had memorable turns in films such as “Moonstruck” and “Steel Magnolias,” has died in New York City.

Eli Broad attracted his share of critics. He plowed ahead — donating, demanding, building, and L.A. is the better for it.

  1. Most moms don’t want gifts for Mother’s Day. They want to spend time with you. Here’s how to celebrate the ultimate plant parent — by spending the day alongside her.

  1. Right before May 4, the unofficial ‘Star Wars’ holiday, ‘The Last Jedi’ actor Kelly Marie Tran received a touching tribute from a young poet.

  1. After a year of ownership, Olympic skiier Lindsey Vonn and NHL star P.K. Subban just sold their Beverly Hills home for $6.9 million.