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Debuting in 1998 after two major Disney animated bombs, the original “Mulan” had a low-key premiere and bare-bones marketing. Now the live-action version is going straight to Disney+. Is this any way to treat one of the best Disney characters ever?

Filmmakers Shaul Schwarz and Christina Clusiau delve into “Immigration Nation,” their shocking Netflix docuseries about ICE, immigrants and a broken system.

Four women say they were mistreated by comedian Bryan Callen, describing troubling sexual incidents ranging from assault to misconduct to disturbing comments.

Ashton Kutcher and Jay Leno join other A-list celebs in publicly supporting embattled TV host Ellen DeGeneres, but Rachel Bloom has a different take.

Hollywood reopening

Film and TV shoots have been slow to resume in the L.A. area. But California’s recently relaunched tax incentive program continues to lure productions from other states even amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

For months, Hollywood productions were effectively wiped out because of restrictions to help slow the spread of novel coronavirus. But a recent surge in outbreaks has renewed concerns about onset health dangers.

This marks the first round of new tax credits under the extended California film and television tax credit program, which runs through 2025. Production restart remains ‘slow and steady.’

Citing COVID-related losses, the Huntington Library, Art Museum and Botanical Gardens lays off the chief curator of one its most important collections.

In the coronavirus era musicians, longing to connect with friends and neighbors, and eager to practice their art, have taken to their porches, patios, driveways and yards to play for passersby.

In a lengthy Instagram post, “Girls” mastermind Lena Dunham talked about what she said was her experience battling COVID-19.

‘Breaking Bad’ actor Bryan Cranston posted a video documenting his COVID-19 journey and his experience donating his plasma to UCLA.

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Pauline Oliveros was one of the most radical composers of her time. Listen to her “The Well & The Gentle” and be changed by the experience.

Renée Fleming sings, “Hamilton” stars reunite, burlesque dancers strip down, Pacific Symphony plays Beethoven’s Fifth and Helen Mirren does “Ophelia.”

“Rio de Los Angeles,” a new augmented reality app, brings you the story of the river from pre-history to the present

The San Francisco theater led by Pam MacKinnon schedules a slate of digital offerings until “The Headlands” can come to the stage in late May.