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7 beach products you didn't know you needed

7 beach products you didn't know you needed

It used to be that a towel was all you needed for a day at the beach. While we're not against keeping it simple, we've discovered some gear that speaks to our love of creature comforts and makes a day at the beach feel like…well, a day at the beach.

Sandless Beach Mat 
As much as we love the beach, we hate how sand gets into everything, even the stuff we keep on our towel. This beach blanket replaces our terrycloth staple. Made from two layers of a patented woven polyurethane, any sand that falls on its surface immediately filters back onto the beach, where it's supposed to be, leaving our stuff clean and grit-free. 

Facedown comfort pillow 
Here's the perfect companion for a beach snooze. This facedown comfort pillow let you lay belly-down, and also ups the comfort level when we turn over or lie on our side. Plus it's got internal compartments that not only hold our small things but are designed so we can run our headphone cords out the side while keeping our smartphone safe and cool. Now the only problem we've got is: Who are we going to convince to give us a massage?

Vino2go insulated wine tumbler
While red plastic tumblers are fine in a pinch, they're not ideal for beach conditions. We need something that will keep our wine from getting warm and sandy when the sun blazes and the wind blows. These insulated wine tumblers may work like adult sippy cups, but they're designed to hold adult grape juice. 

Boom Movement swimmer waterproof speaker
With its flexible tail and suction-cup mount, this waterproof speaker, which comes in mint green, red, blue, and grey with a mint interior, is not only portable but flexible. We can hang it from our beach bag or even grab it for a walk by the water, sharing our tunes wherever we go. 

Margaritaville Frozen Concoction Maker
What do you crave when it gets hot? A blended drink, of course. We like to get the party started by bringing out this rechargeable blender. With its powerful battery — it blends up to 60 drinks (20 pitchers) on a single charge — we can whip up margaritas on-site until the sun goes down. 

Beach safe
After a refreshing dip in the water, returning to our spot to find our stuff gone definitely kills the mood. With this portable safe — which wraps around an umbrella, a bench or the nearest lifeguard station and sounds a piercing alarm when the security cable is cut — we can wash our cares away knowing our stuff is safe. 

Shiseido Ultimate Sun Protection Cream SPF 50+ WetForce 
Whether we're splashing in the water, setting out on a shell-gathering expedition or jumping the waves, when we're at the beach enjoying ourselves we need to know that our sunscreen hasn't stopped working just because we've gotten wet. With Shiseido's Ultimate Sun Protection Cream SPF 50+ WetForce, which becomes even more effective when it's exposed to water for 15 minutes, we can give up the worry and concentrate on the fun. This sunscreen doesn't break down in water – something you can see in action if you try to mix it into a glass of water: It doesn't dissolve, even with stirring. That means it'll stay on your skin, even if you go into the waves.


—Abigail Stone for Shiseido