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Trump shocked the world when he said he was serious about wanting to buy Greenland. Just how much is it worth, and how does climate change fit in?
Summer is hitting Greenland with record heat and extreme melt. By season’s end, about 440 billion tons of ice will have melted or calved off its ice sheet.
New recommendations from the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force explain which women should -- and shouldn’t -- have their risk assessed for BRCA mutations.
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At 86, Julie Newmar, the curvy dancer/actress who made Catwoman an icon, has a simple plan for overcoming life’s challenges: “Take everything you have and make it better.”
The Amnesty International comment came after President Jair Bolsonaro suggested without evidence that some nongovernmental groups may be setting fires over loss of funds.
California fishermen are reporting one of the best salmon seasons in years after heavy rain and snow ended the state’s historic drought.
As developers lobby the Trump administration for endangered species relief, California is moving to backstop wildlife threatened by federal rollbacks, including the San Bernardino kangaroo rat.
Rising demand from unwitting consumers, local greed amid a failing economy, weak controls and corrupt law enforcement are driving the Danube’s last wild sturgeons to the brink of extinction.
What’s happening on So Cal’s gardening scene? A big begonia show, a succulents symposium and lessons about invasive plants, mini roses and exotic cacti
Even if there were enough vaccines to go around, the region’s violent conflict has made it virtually impossible for health workers to deliver the shots to every relative and neighbor of each Ebola victim.
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