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Scientists and world leaders increasingly recognize the need to bolster indigenous rights not only on humanitarian grounds, but for the good of the global environment.
Deaths resulting from infections with drug-resistant “superbugs” appear to be falling in the U.S., though infections continue to rise, according to the CDC.
The most damaging hurricanes, by area of total devastation, are increasing the most, according to a study of 247 hurricanes that hit the U.S. since 1900.
After controversial guidelines were introduced, cholesterol levels are inching down and more Americans are taking much-needed statin drugs.
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Sen. Kamala Harris introduced a bill that would set aside $1 billion each year to pay for better infrastructure, land-use and evacuation route planning in wildfire zones.
Starting in December, those looking to buy electric vehicles with a price tag of more than $60,000 won’t qualify for rebates — nor will plug-in hybrids with less than 35 miles of all-electric range.
There are at least 1,688 high hazard dams in poor or unsatisfactory condition in 44 states and Puerto Rico, an Associated Press investigation has found. California is home to six.
State officials will vote this week on a proposal to allow “community solar” farms instead of rooftop panels.
Westlands Water District, a sprawling Central Valley farm district with ties to the Trump administration, is poised to get a permanent contract for a massive quantity of cheap federal irrigation supplies.
State Sen. Richard Pan, who is an author of SB 277, said that though the law has not been bulletproof, the study understates its success at boosting vaccination rates.
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