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Your pets may become frightened during and after an earthquake. Be sure you have what they need to keep them safe, and also if you have to leave home for a while.

In this week’s Vibe Guide, L.A. artist Channel Tres shares his playlist, his mantra while making music, and where you can find him dancing this summer.

In her new book ‘The Menopause Manifesto,’ Dr. Jen Gunter wants women to know that they have value beyond their immediate reproductive capability.

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Through a collaboration with Las Fotos Project, a Boyle Heights nonprofit, we partnered with nine high school students to work on mini Plant PPL profiles.

Another sign of the pandemic thaw: Live events are returning for gardening fans and plant lovers. Two such events happening in June are for fans of fabulous fuchsia flowers and those who prefer meat-eating plants.

Eagle Rock Brewery has made a new helles-style lager flavored with three California native plants: woolly bluecurls, California laurel and black sage.

Anthony Diaz and Kevin Alcaraz’s plant shop has had lines so long since opening last fall that their neighbors sometimes joke that they must be selling something harder than pothos.

You can grow fruit on your balcony or other small space, as long as you choose the right varieties, keep them well-watered and fed and plant them in the right containers, with plenty of sun.

You can grow food in pots on your balcony -- or anyplace else you get some sun. But there are important things to know about container farming. Consider this your starter guide.

Why does it seem so hard to grow fresh herbs? Maybe you’re doing it wrong. We asked the experts for their secrets.

You don’t need land to grow food. In our container farming series, these experts explain how to successfully grow veggies, fruit and herbs in containers on your patio, porch or balcony.

Indigenous cultural and plant educator Nicholas Hummingbird is on a mission to spread his knowledge of native plants through the traditional and ongoing knowledge of Indigenous peoples.

To commemorate the Lakers and Dodgers winning titles in 2020, Los Angeles streetwear brand Born X Raised releases its City of Champs collection.

It’s worth noting that today’s legal weed scene wouldn’t exist without the efforts of LGBTQ activists.


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