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Why hike in Los Angeles? Lots of reasons. Use our guide to navigate 50 trails in Southern California, plus tips on gear and treats for the trail.

“We need to increase intercultural understanding and communication,” says designer Justina Blakeney. “Art and design can be a bridge. I wanted to lay out that bridge and share it in my book.”

Members of Gen Z think their ‘culture war’ with millennials over skinny jeans is, like a lot of things, overhyped.

For some influencers, the pandemic was time for incorporating social distancing into their content.

I was sitting in a bar with two friends and looking at my Tinder app. Edan’s nickname popped up. Wait. It couldn’t be my sixth-grade crush, could it?

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Native milkweed plants — the kind good for butterflies — are coming out of dormancy and starting to sprout, so be patient. Southern California gardeners should be able to buy narrow-leaf milkweed and perhaps a few other less-well-known native milkweeds starting in mid-April.

Meadow Carder-Vindel knows the healing effects of gardening firsthand. That’s why she opens her Mount Washington garden to others.

In honor of International Women’s Day, we celebrate some of our favorite women-owned design businesses in and around Los Angeles.

When Shawna Christian turned 50, she left her IT job and invested all her money in Tansy, a Burbank plant store. Then the pandemic hit.

“El Pino,” a beloved East L.A. bunya tree, is generating controversy. Developer Art Gastelum says he won’t damage it. These organizers don’t trust him.

The Flower Fields in Carlsbad, after being forced to close two weeks into its 2020 season, is set to reopen with new social distancing rules on Monday.

‘Saturday Night Live’s’ most recent musical guest, ‘EL ÚLTIMO TOUR DEL MUNDO’ star Bad Bunny, went full snake plant in SNL’s ‘Loco’ music video with Ego Nwodim.

Monarch butterfly populations are endangered, to the point that the 1.2 million Western monarchs counted in 1997 plummeted to fewer than 2,000 by 2020. Here are ways we can help them survive.

Lil Nas X and MSCHF released a collaboration sneaker using the Nike Air Max 97 with satanic-inspired details and a single drop of human blood in each shoe. Nike is suing for trademark infringement.

A top Nike executive and her shoe reseller son face the wrath of sneakerheads, who think the shoe game is rigged against them.

Avon has high hopes for its Koreatown studio and new vegan skin-care products. Will they attract a new generation of beauty shoppers?

I thought I remembered why I didn’t get cast in “Gossip Girl.” But the truth was much more complicated.


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