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After the West Coast premiere of playwright Joshua Harmon’s “Skintight” at the Geffen Playhouse, theater donors, board members, friends and other VIPs joined the cast for cocktails and a late-night supper at a Westwood restaurant.
Tomatoes and basil get a fresh spin in this salad. It uses market-made roast duck or rotisserie chicken to become a fast and hearty meal.
Products made with CBD — touted as a cure-all for everything from insomnia to epilepsy, from arthritis to ADHD — are seemingly everywhere we look. Here’s why you should discuss it with your doctor.
The Oscar-nominated actress was joined for an intimate dinner by Dree Hemingway, Cassandra Grey, Samantha Ronson, Rachel Zoe, Elizabeth Hammer and others.
Actor-director Chloë Sevigny recaps some of her most memorable red-carpet moments.
At 86, Julie Newmar, the curvy dancer/actress who made Catwoman an icon, has a simple plan for gardening and overcoming life’s challenges: “Take everything you have and make it better.”
Photos of Santa Monica, Calif.
Photos: Garden makeover in Westwood
Design secrets from the set of ‘Big Brother,’ Season 21:
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Reza and Adam Farahan took a 1940s Toluca Woods cottage down to the studs in the quest for a fresh, open feel. And their five cats got their own bedroom.
Actress turned wellness guru Rainbeau Mars traded her lawn in Venice for an edible landscape of herbs, fruit trees, vegetables and, yup, even nutritious “weeds” like dandelions and stinging nettles.
Joanna Bassi’s days as a television production assistant were stressful and uninspired. She had to change her life. Her first step: “I looked at the weeds growing on my hillside and thought, ‘I want to create an ecosystem.’”
What’s happening on So Cal’s gardening scene? A seedling exchange, Designer Plant Fair and sales of succulents and orchids
Alicia Keys has shelled out $20.8 million for La Jolla’s Razor House, which is the priciest sale the coastal community has seen this year.
There are several free or modestly priced ways to have lots of fun and get a head start on fall at Roger’s Gardens’ fantastic Halloween store, which opened on Friday.
At 86, Julie Newmar, the actress who made Catwoman an icon, has a simple plan for overcoming life’s challenges: “Take everything you have and make it better.”
The emojis and pink paint on this Manhattan Beach home have caused a stir. Whether or not you see spite here, all the world seems to love a story about neighbors at odds
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