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The test strip will help determine whether the wearer has the coronavirus or has been exposed to it.

Schools can be used as vaccine centers under new guidelines, but they’ll have to apply for the role, and the bigger issue remains the shortage of vaccine doses.

The court denies a petition alleging that L.A. Unified was violating the law by not offering in-person instruction for pupils with the greatest need.

The College Board will scrap its SAT subject tests and optional essay, with an intention to ‘reduce and simplify demands on students.’

The University of California takes the college brag sheet to a new level with a 123-page report of jobs created, research performed, students served.

Beutner said the district has been involved in discussions with state and county officials, but things “are not moving as quickly as we’d like.”



Caltech will remove the name of its founding president and first Nobel laureate, William A. Millikan, from campus buildings because of his support of eugenics, joining universities across the nation in repudiating those who backed the racist movement.



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