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Born in South Korea, Christian Morales was raised by a Mexican abuela in East L.A. At his Mexican restaurant in Seoul, he’s re-creating the flavors of the home he can’t return to since being deported 17 years ago.
Lucas Kwan Peterson and Jazz Singsanong from Thai Town’s famous Thai food restaurant Jitlada head to LAX-C, a giant grocery store/warehouse full of all the food you can’t find at Ralphs or Vons.
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Food festivals are more popular than ever, but they come at a high cost for the restaurants and chefs they’re supposed to promote.
The Cosmic Crisp is a new variety of apple, coming to grocery stores Dec. 1. It’s the first apple ever bred in Washington state.
Sweet-tart fall apples make a great salad when shaved and mixed with lime juice, Parmigiano-Reggiano and peanuts for a new autumn classic.
Bill Addison considers the state of Los Angeles vegetarian restaurants in the latest Tasting Notes newsletter
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Anaheim baker crushes it with bouza, a Middle Eastern ice cream On Now
Anaheim baker crushes it with bouza, a Middle Eastern ice cream
‘The Farewell’ director Lulu Wang’s SGV food crawl hot takes On Now
'The Farewell' director Lulu Wang's SGV food crawl hot takes
Making the perfect Impossible burger at home On Now
Making the perfect Impossible burger at home
How Milk Bar develops new cakes On Now
How Milk Bar develops new cakes
Michelin-starred n/naka chefs make onigiri, Japanese comfort food On Now
Michelin-starred n/naka chefs make onigiri, Japanese comfort food
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Thai home cooking is delicious and these eight easy Thai recipes will give you the formulas you need for everything from Thai iced tea to curry to noodles.
Jazz Singsanong of Jitlada restaurant gives us her recipe for nam prik goong, a funky, salty dipping sauce for raw vegetables made with shrimp and shrimp paste.
Pumpkin spice bread crumbs add crunch to pumpkin breakfast loaves made with homemade roasted pumpkin.
Pork shoulder and pineapple adobo roast is the best version of this timeless flavor pairing.
This smoky eggplant dip from Jean-Georges Vongerichten has a bright pop of flavor from fresh ginger and sweet-and-sour spiced tomato chutney.
World-famous chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten is now serving vegan tasting menus. He shows us how to cook his smoky eggplant dip with tomato chutney.
Fresh shelling beans take best to a slow-braise, without any advanced planning.
From their new Israeli cookbook “Shuk,” chef Einat Admony and Janna Gur share their stuffed beet recipe, which is perfect for breaking fast on Yom Kippur or celebrating Sukkot.
Chocolate chunk cookies get even more delicious in this easy recipe with the addition of walnuts, oats, and, if you’d like, a sprinkle of flaky salt.
Gjusta and Gjelina chef Travis Lett is in the process of dissolving his partnership with co-founder Fran Camaj.
Critic Patricia Escarcega reviews the newest location of Brodard, an influential Vietnamese restaurant and bakery in Fountain Valley.
At Los Originales Tacos Arabes de Puebla in Boyle Heights, restaurant critic Patricia Escárcega considers the breadth of L.A.'s taco culture.
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