Tacos are more popular than ever. So why aren’t there more high-profile taqueras?
Chef Sally Schmitt’s French Laundry was an influential Napa Valley restaurant that pioneered California cuisine — and then it was eclipsed by the Thomas Keller-helmed establishment that took its place.
Jocelyn and Justine Wong, a.k.a. the Hangry Diary sisters show us where to eat the best Taiwanese popcorn fried chicken and boba in the SGV.
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Jenn discovers the secrets to making scientifically perfect fried chicken | The Bucket List
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The best fried chicken sandwiches in L.A. with Jenn and the Kismet chefs | The Bucket List
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Jenn eats Nashville Hot Chicken from the masters Kim Prince and Johnny Ray Zone | The Bucket List
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Lucas goes to Mexico City for carnitas, pan dulce, tlacoyos, tacos and more! | Off Menu
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I spend a lot of time eating in the San Gabriel Valley, always learning and ever amazed by the breadth at hand: Beijing duck, Uighur lamb polo, Sichuan ginger rabbit, Hong Kong-style steamed fish, Taiwanese beef noodle soup, on and on and on.
Jollof rice is a West African dish common in Nigeria, Senegal and Ghana. This Ghanian version adds chicken and peppers to the tomato rice for a one-pot meal.
This simple tortilla soup recipe from Sally Schmitt of Apple Farm Kitchen in Philo combines tomatillos with orange juice in a chicken stock.
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A pot of seafood steamed in andouille sausage-scented broth is the centerpiece of a Mardi Gras dinner, complete with crispy sausage and fried, crunchy okra.
Bryant Terry pulls from his family’s Afro-Asian background for his inspired spin on vegan polenta cakes.
This vegan frittata recipe from Go Get ‘Em Tiger contains only five ingredients (chickpea flour, shallots, kale, tomatoes and olive oil) and is easy to make.
Sweet potato bread is an even tastier version of pumpkin bread and this loaf, made with yogurt, is ideal for breakfast, dessert or as a snack.
A highly opinionated list of the best sweet breakfast breads on offer in Los Angeles.
Fresh citrus adds its pucker in three ways to this olive oil-based loaf cake from Lodge Bread Co. pastry chef Julia Webb.
The custard-like banana bread from Bon Temps is covered in burnt honey-white chocolate ganache.
The crumb of this mini loaf cake from Margarita Manzke, pastry chef at République, is incomparably tender and moist thanks to its high proportion of yogurt.
Homemade barbecue sauce, here flavored with umami-rich red miso, gets slathered on a slow-roasted side of salmon.
Critic Bill Addison recommends L.A. wine bars and restaurants with excellent wine lists
Here are 11 kid-friendly restaurants in Los Angeles where parents and their little ones are welcome.
Miranda Megill admits that when she opened a vegan restaurant in 2007, it wasn’t without a few pangs of guilt that she may have helped push Silver Lake’s famous gentrification along.
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