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The food at Chateau Hanare, a new Japanese restaurant from the historic Chateau Marmont hotel, misses the mark in a number of ways. But there are other issues at play.
Chocolate cake, vanilla cake with pink frosting, lemon buttermilk cake and a cake topped with candy bars. Four simple, no-fuss recipes that will end your search for the perfect cakes for entertaining.
At Post & Beam restaurant in Baldwin Hills, a restaurateur and two chefs have built a successful black-owned business for a largely black community.
Taking a cue from the enduring success of Grand Central Market, food halls have mushroomed in popularity. Maybe we have enough.
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When you don’t feel like dealing with the brunch crowd, you can make these easy brunch recipes at home for from-scratch waffles, pancakes, French toast, scones and muffins.
This lemon cake, inspired by Maida Heatter, uses lemon as a soaking syrup, and in the glaze on top, to deliver a strong hit of lemon flavor that cuts the sweetness of old-fashioned American cake.
Chopped Butterfinger or Heath bars sprinkled over whipped cream are a terrific topping for a simple white sheet cake drizzled with butterscotch sauce.
No fancy chocolate is required for the best chocolate cake recipe, passed down from advice columnist Abigail “Dear Abby” Van Buren.
Covering a simple vanilla sheet cake in icing while hot allows the frosting to melt then reset over the cake into an ethereal doughnut-like glaze.
Chef Matt Molina of Hippo restaurant in Highland Park shares his Frenchie dressing recipe, a perfect mustard vinaigrette for green beans or any salad.
James Beard award-winning chef Matt Molina of Hippo shares his beloved recipe for charred green beans with toasted hazelnuts, serrano chiles, scallions and Frenchie dressing.
Spicy, intensely flavored jerk seasoning takes especially well to catfish fillets, like those at Post & Beam restaurant in Baldwin Hills. Here’s the recipe.
Plums are abundant in Southern California right now and this is the best plum jam recipe. It highlights the fruit’s tanginess and offers spiced and spicy options.
Tim Ho Wan Irvine’s barbecue pork buns and har gow aren’t that far removed from the Hong Kong shops. But it feels more like a Cinnabon than a dim sum house.
Critic Bill Addison reveals where he indulges in pastries and desserts in this week’s Tasting Notes newsletter.
At Bon Temps, Lincoln Carson’s modern American restaurant in Downtown L.A., go for some of the city’s best desserts.
At Chad Colby’s new restaurant Antico, the pastas are remarkable and the ice cream possibly the best in Los Angeles.
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