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A new Los Angeles Times Food series devoted to the best fried chicken in Los Angeles, hosted by senior food writer Jenn Harris.
Subscriber exclusive: Times Food critics Bill Addison and Patricia Escárcega compiled a list of 101 places to eat in L.A. Their top picks include familiar names and brand-new entrants.
It’s Saturday morning at Echo Park Lake when Tania Macin hoists the heavy lid off a vintage yellow Le Creuset stock pot.
Koreatown, one of the most vibrant neighborhoods in Los Angeles, boasts an impressive array of restaurants serving some of the most exciting food in the city.
The San Gabriel Valley is in the midst of a sea change, and the ever-growing presence of Sichuan- and Chongqing-style hot pot restaurants populating the region is the clearest sign.
The appeal of Sichuan hot pot is manifold. There is an overabundance of flavor, yes, but also a sense of power.
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Thick-cut pork chops are served atop a brick-red sauce of peppers and paprika in this restaurant-style spin on the classic Eastern European dish paprikash.
Salmon fillets, baked with a simple topping of green curry paste and Greek yogurt, are served with crunchy salted cucumbers and cashews for a speedy weeknight dinner.
Creamy avocado and hearty kale round out this dish of tender chicken thighs baked in olive brine, which seasons them along with caramelized bits of lemon.
Keto recipes that dieters and foodies alike will love, including meatball and cauliflower gratin, green curry and yogurt roasted salmon, chicken baked in olive brine with lemon and kale, and pork chops served with paprikash sauce.
Instead of fake meat products, these meatless vegetarian meatballs use whole plant-based ingredients such as beets, lentils, sunflower seeds and onions.
These golden dishes symbolize good fortune: Beijing-style kale and mushroom jiaozi; Thai chicken golden bags; Shanghai lumpia with pork and shrimp.
This Filipino recipe for Shanghai lumpia comes from chef Charles Olalia of Ma’am Sir in Silver Lake and combines a classic pork, shrimp and vegetable filling with a spicy coconut vinegar dipping sauce.
Adapted from chef Marie Surakal of Bamboo in the Pechanga Casino, these crunchy golden bag dumplings are filled with a chicken and vegetable stir-fry and served with a Thai sweet chili sauce.
This vegan Jiaozi dumpling recipe with a shiitake mushroom/kale filling, turmeric wrappers and black vinegar dipping sauce is adapted from chef Shirley Chung of Ms. Chi Cafe in Culver City.
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