With her latest collection, the designer who remade cobijas into luxury coats infuses ancestry, futurism and mysticism into something tangible that you can put on your body.

In 1968, the two men convened an impromptu ensemble that they knew might destabilized their reputations. The day they spent, exhausted together on the crossroads of here and gone, is the kind of convergence they make movies about, so we forget it really happened.

From Supervsn’s new flagship to Dior at the Beverly Hills Hotel, there’s plenty of happenings to cut and paste from the Drip Index into your mobile organizer of choice.

L.A. artist Delfin Finley explores the gray areas of living, where joy and pain collide.

In the 1950s, he quickly developed a reputation for being a gun-toting, switchblade-carrying man on one hand and an impossibly tender soul who could write love songs with the facility of angels on the other.

The ethos of the beloved L.A. streetwear brand is tradition. Its new collection with Levi’s is a living eulogy to Spanto’s late-father, and a way of keeping the energy of the ancestors physically close.

Paisley, in case you haven’t noticed, is everywhere. But it’s always been a distinct symbol in Los Angeles. Its sprawling design parallels this city’s depth and grandeur.

Look closely at the postcards of the most fashionable corners of L.A. and a theme will emerge: Stories make the clothes really sing.

After half a century of hard living and hustle, the flamboyant storyteller from Pomona is learning to live with regrets and find peace.

Whether you’re commuting across L.A. for a long-distance relationship or a short getaway from home, Gucci luggage is the ideal situation of the intracity adventurer who wishes to stunt.

The architecture of big studios — Netflix, Paramount, Sony — represents a fundamental paradox of the television and motion picture industry: the smooth, reflective surface of the American superego, set at an increasingly uncomfortable angle against the people who create it.

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