From her own fits to dreamy styles for Sabrina Claudio and Tinashe, the L.A.-based stylist elevates modern trends with a feminine touch.

The city gave the luxury brand the chance to imagine and create a new reality — a world where the fashion house’s gold-gilded past meets a future in the same vein.

In this issue of Image magazine, the creative community of Los Angeles unpacks what it means to give back to a city that seemingly has it all.

Just ask L.A.-based artist Jasper Marsalis: When using ink, what you see is what happened.

The L.A. stylist who has worked with Jessica Alba, Kate Hudson, Yalitza Aparicio and Goldie Hawn says her practice is about searching for a “vibe,” an “identity” — whatever it is that makes people human.

Menswear’s recent explorations of silhouettes that challenge norms were all but absent at the 95th Academy Awards. Instead, the (not) red carpet looked like whatever the wealthy version of austerity is.

Inside the L.A. artist’s special collaboration with Image magazine, where esparza created ‘Corpo RanfLA: Terra Cruiser’ for Art Basel Miami.

Skateboarding legends pay tribute to the iconic stairway of iconic stairways — a historic landmark where the evolution of the sport has come into view.

Los Angeles is terrible at housing people. It’s better at warehousing cars. The concrete nautiluses where we temporarily abandon our Kias and Porsches and mopeds produce, reproduce and shelter dualities.

For people who have always felt connected to the looks and the stories they’ve told, Homies are a look book of art, culture and fashion.

From Veteranas and Rucas to Map Pointz, the East L.A. artist will show you what she means when she says the body is an archive.

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  • Essays, criticism and style analysis that make the fashion trends of L.A. make sense on their own terms.

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