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John Mackey, CEO of Whole Foods, says it would be better if we ate well rather than take “a bunch of drugs.” That may not sit well with sick people.

I don’t pressure myself to be a world-class meditator. If all I do is set the timer for five minutes, good enough — even if my mind races the whole time. Then 2020 came along.

Federal and California rules require most private insurance to cover the full cost of drugs, such as Truvada, that offer protection against HIV infection.

Most tend to push unpleasant feelings aside in the name of good cheer. But experts say people need to process their feelings, so they don’t manifest in self-destructive ways.

Celebrity stylist Karla Welch and marketing expert Sasha Markova created a line of absorbent, organic cotton period underwear. They want to change the conversation around menstruation.

Since racial uprisings erupted earlier this year, Black herbalists have begun ramping up resources for Black people going through stress and trauma, exacerbated by a pandemic that’s disproportionately killing their communities.

Today, with gyms mostly closed, people are desperate to stay fit. But fitness equipment is selling out of stores. The solution? Go online and buy and sell used stuff.

Share self-care this 2020 holiday season with our health and wellness gift guide featuring body products, CBD items, games, and more.

A wellness and fitness journalist redefines what it means to be healthy after a breast cancer diagnosis: The experience led me to dissect my so-called healthy lifestyle and figure out what was serving me and what wasn’t.



Job hunting is never easy, and during the COVID economy it’s gotten even harder. But what if you’re over 50? Ageism expert Kerry Hannon weighs in on whether older adults are more or less likely to be hired in today’s market and what they can do to become more competitive.



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