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It’s not your imagination: The spring of 2020 has been a superbloom year for roses and other flowers. Rose expert Tom Carruth shares his secrets for keeping roses blooming big in the summer as well.
Most of Southern California’s botanic gardens closed in March but are now slowly reopening, with new rules about wearing face coverings, buying tickets online and bringing your own water.
Your garden looks great, but don’t walk away! Now is the time spider mites, aphids and other garden nasties will devour your precious plants. Take action now to keep them at bay.
Things to Do
Gardeners, take a deep breath. We’ve made a list of 10 garden tasks that can help save your sanity now and make the coming months much more pleasant.
Coronavirus has us all stuck indoors. Solution? It’s time to make your home a cozy sanctuary. Here are 10 ways to do just that.
Staying home this weekend? We’ve got some ideas. Take care of your plants, make your house cozier, help neighbors and start planning your next trip.
Designer and lifestyle influencer Justina Blakeney doesn’t have a therapist and that’s OK; she can talk to her tillandsia.
Well-designed planters are a perfect marriage of form and function. Here are a few of our favorites, with price points to suit your decor budget.
Art, kids and wildlife bring harmony to a Long Beach garden. Plus 10 tips on what to do in the garden while quarantined.
Many small nurseries have closed to visitors due to coronavirus, but you can still safely shop for plants online with a little planning and lots of patience, since most nurseries are working with reduced staff to get your orders ready for pickup.
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