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Nearly 30 million refugees around the world are fleeing war or persecution. Surely the Biden administration can let in 62,500 this year as it promised.

Widespread support for background checks and smart gun technology could push enough GOP senators out of lockstep on gun control.

When the 11-year-old returned to school, it was surely one of the strangest and most exhilarating back-to-school days of all time.

History shows that if water agencies and other leaders acknowledge drought and offer solutions for more efficient water use, Californians will step up.

Most states have hundreds of laws that police can use as a pretext for an unjustified traffic stop, which can then escalate into violence.

The U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan might allow Al Qaeda to rebuild its terrorist network so it can again launch spectacular attacks on Western soil.

Toss out the toys, lay off the praise: A new book on parenting looks to ancient cultures for child-rearing tips.




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