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Low lights and libido are emphasized at Posh.
It’s late — really late. But this is Vegas, so, naturally, you’re not going to give in to the petty circadian demands of your body. What to do? Where to go? Allow us to suggest one of Sin City’s newest dens of iniquity: Posh Boutique Nightclub. This intimate 3,500-square-foot space, located just off the Strip, features gold-flecked table tops, lush bronze architecture, red velvet curtains and, oh yeah, the occasional scantily clad trapeze artist descending from the ceiling. The club shares a wall with Crazy Horse III, so it should come as no surprise that there are go-go platforms aplenty here. There’s more than enough going on here to occupy your attention. Just remember to cancel that wakeup call.

Steve Basilone, Custom Publishing Writer


Posh Boutique Nightclub
3525 W. Russell Road 
(at Polaris Avenue)

Open Fridays and Saturdays from midnight until sunrise.