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Chill out: Qua's Ice Room provides relief

Chill out: Qua's Ice Room provides relief
Cool off this summer at Vegas' Qua Ice Spa. (Courtesy Caesars Hotel & Casino)

You woke up in Hell. No wait, it’s just summer in Vegas after a night of imbibing. Don’t worry. Cool relief is close at hand.  Inside the 50,000-square-foot Qua Baths & Spa at Caesars Palace lies a winter wonderland right out of the Swiss Alps. It’s the Arctic Ice Room, and it’s the only place in Vegas that snows. In the room, spa-goers sit on heated benches in the mint-infused 55-degree air while snowflakes gently fall from the faux star-studded sky. Rub your steaming skin with ice chips from the shaved ice fountain. Spa operators say such rapid cooling of the body has restorative health benefits.  Qua’s snow? It’s not natural, of course. But should you care? No. It’s Vegas, after all. Just relax and enjoy the “snow.”



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