Twist by Pierre Gagnaire

Could it be Monsieur Gagnaire, chef extraordinaire, in Las Vegas? Mais oui! Find out what the buzz is all about at Twist, the three-Michelin-star chef’s first restaurant in the United States. The menu infuses the simplicity of classic French cuisine with a modern “twist,” relying on the unusual, unexpected and even baffling flavor pairings for which Gagnaire is renowned — think tiny cubes of Guinness gelee, potato chips with sardines woven into to them, braised filet of squab topped with sweet potato ice cream. Set on the uber-cool 23rd floor of the Mandarin with fabulous views of the glittering Vegas skyline, Twist is more than a restaurant — it’s an experience. 


Twist by Pierre Gagnaire
Mandarin Oriental Hotel
3752 Las Vegas Blvd. South


—Andrea Kahn, Custom Publishing Writer

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